SORN for winter?

How many people here SORN their motorbike for the winter?

I won’t ride mine until it’s warmer again, so seems like a wise thing to do for £30-£40 or so…

You need proper gear not SORN


Yep, you can get some great ride outs in winter. Cold dry days can be awesome.

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Dude just went out this morning!!
I love riding in crisp cold weather and the scenery is so beautiful: leaves turning red,brown KTM orange!

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Haha! You lot are mad! It’s cooooollllldddd :joy:

Winter gear is so bulky too

I loved my dainese winter 2piece. Felt very light. Ok.not mesh level lightness but still

A dry winter’s day is great for riding… Even better to ride when snow all around but roads dry

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Struth it’ll be some folks feel the rain and others get wet next

Just got in from a couple of hours out on the bike, it was fab!


But I only taxed my bike this month after having SORNed it for the summer. Did I get that wrong?

Went out today for a wee trip around the Southampton area. Almost a good day, but my heated grips died on Wednesday and I missed them so much for my arthritic hands.

Being Honda O.E.M. ones they will probably charge even more to repair than their already overpriced cost.


Rode 570 miles last weekend, Leeds then Snowdonia. Looking forward to more trips over the winter.

What you need are heated grips, heated seat and a big screen…

First Sunday of November is the London to Brighton veteran car run, I’ll be following on the the bike, can’t do it with a car. Early start, leaves from the Mall.


Too much information! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Funnily enough I’ve just re-taxed mine and I was having a quiet moan with myself how much it has gone up over the years, there was a time VED on a bike was a token few quid now it is enough quids that you actually notice it.

Even then it doesn’t seem worth the effort of SORN’ing just to save £30 and miss out on some nice rides.

My car however, that is a different story, I haven’t moved it since August and should have put it on SORN immediately on return from the summer holiday. And it’s a lot more quids.

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Stop being a fair weather rider :smiley:

Winter rides just become shorter and with more stops for coffees and cakes to warm up!


You’ll probably miss autumnal sunsets if you’ve SORN’d the bike plus you can’t beat the feeling of a rear wheel spinning up in 3rd gear to really feel alive :joy:


Thought this was a biker’s forum?

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Although… Essex, grr

Would be up for this, but not on my MT-07 :joy:

My wee CB500F wishes it were a mighty MT-07.

I was only out for a leisure ride, it started raining shortly after the puddle, I was wet, the heated grips had died recently, the roads were covered in wet leaves. It was obviously what to do.

So I just carried on for another 180 miles, stopping off in Clacton and enjoying the afternoon sun on dry roads. Lovely day.

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There was a time when a LB ride wasn’t an LB ride without a ford. Last across yours truly on an 11month old Bonne’

Happy Days


I’m in that but I’ll be honest I don’t remember it.

TDM’s have that effect on people :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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