SORN for winter?

But I’m on the KTM! :laughing:

lol I was looking more to see who else was in the background

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8 years ago, I can only recognise @scorch @Jetstream @Kevsta @CurlyAlly @nivag triple and @AndyCr15 was there behind the camera. Was that the ride where someone lost a number plate at Thurrock Services and, not to be out done I was tail gunning and lost @Ben_Sir_Amos marking the M25 junction 3 slip.

edit: Just found the original ride post here 11.11.12 Remembrance day rideout.

It was @AndyCr15 who lost the number plate, @Giuliano and @silveR6 who were tail gunning and @skyhook who was left on the M20 (still owe him that steamy cup of tea)

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I’ve been to that ford on a different day. Mark rode a Hyabusa through and Rob went through on his Tiger. I didn’t because I was worried I’d drop the bike and hydro lock the engine.

I think I took on some water through Eynsford Ford there because the ECU limited the engine to 4,000 RPM for the next 10 miles or so and at the next service the engine oil came out looking more like a cheap salad dressing. About 10,000 miles later I found the camshaft lobes had pitted too, probably a result of over heating caused by the watered down engine oil.

Dropping mo’cycles in a ford doesn’t necessarily result in hydro-lock. Been there and done that when I had the Bonne upside down in Nounsey Ford the tilt angle sensor cut the engine before the air box snorkel got submerged.

@kylejm we haven’t hijacked your thread, just showing some of the fun you’d miss out on if you make a SORN :wink:


SORN for Lockdown?
SMCR’s tax is due beginning on Feb and its MOT,
do I go into the effort of SORNing for a month till lockdown is lifted?
if so I assume i leave the MOT to run out and then get both in march?

it was so much easier when i was riding all year round!

Sorning isn’t that much of an effort… takes a couple of mins from memory.

Yeah I don’t think much need to have a bike at the moment, and you have the CB if things ease and you can go out again?

(If I had a bike) I’d sorn and just wait till things (Covid and the weather) improve to go out again…

Get it MOT’d first then SORN it.



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I SORN’d mine at the end of November, partly as I couldn’t afford it, partly as it was looking more and more likely that another proper lockdown was coming

I SORNed last spring, then re-taxed it the day before I rode it. Both times a simple web form. The only complication was that the refund came as a cheque, so I could not deposit until the middle of August.

My MOT expired during the second national restrictions last November, so once I knew it was safe to go out again I just booked one.

Totally forgot to SORN it before Christmas as I would have done, but in hindsight that was a fortunate mistake now that I will need the bike.

The order of the MOT before or after does not really matter, you legally can ride to a pre-arranged test without tax. Though if you are within 30 days of the due date then you may as well get it done this month to preserve that date.

SORN and retaxing is really easy online. Only takes a few minutes. As far as I remember it’s fairly instant too.

Thanks so the plan is to sorn at the end of the month and let the mot run out.

Once weather and Covid allows book MOT, pass mot and then re tax!

Better to MOT and then SORN it.

Don’t want to be in a position where lockdown lifts, the weather’s nice, your mates are going for a rideout but you can’t go because now every MOT centre in the country is booked up for the next week, because lots of people did the same thing as you.


A lot of banking apps allow you take photo of the cheque and pay it in that way. Saves the hassle of going to a branch, assuming there’s actually one open and doesn’t have a massive queue.

Lloyds does. Was great for my mum to write me a cheque, took photos of it and it was deposited before the ink could dry. handed it back for her to tear up.

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Good point but I have the CB moted and taxed

Sadly it seems my bank does not offer that.