Dualsport offroading

Mmmmmm sooo good

From yesterday :grin:

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DAMN, it’s so nice :sob:

you would just SORN it anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


Love it…

Also, colour coordinating KTM trousers :wink:



Road bike for summer, dirt bike for winter, best of both worlds


Exactly: SORN for winter? (comment)

Nah, both are taxed all year, just the default one I use changes.

There’s fun trails in the summer, and fun roads in the winter


No bad time for a trail…

Summer: dry and can pickup speed, less chance to slip
Autumn: wet and muddy (fun)
Winter: snow is soft and don’t sweat as much
Spring: muddy and crisp sunshine

Although this being England all four of the above can be found on same trail on same day

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For reference, this the same lane in the summer. That deep water crossing is at roughly 53 seconds where the walkers are.

On the OS map it’s called Jumps Stream and is fed from Frensham Little Pond.

If you want a go, I have a Suzuki DR-Z 400 S you can borrow. My only ask is that it comes back clean :slight_smile:

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you can have a go on mine too, and and it doesn’t need to be cleaned


Thank you!! That sounds awesome! Always wanted to try it!

Cool, though lockdown means this can’t be done for a month :frowning:


A rare husqnevertobeseeagaina

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That’s going to be a lonely walk to pick it up

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Jesus, the guy laughing is disturbing. Sucks to be the rider.

Opps, that is unfortunate. I wonder if it will even be ridable?

wheels will be bent as a 9 bob note but the rest of it might be ok