Essex, grr

I misjudged it. Not slow enough.

I literally had to stop and pour out a boot and wring a sock.


Lol, it’s a fine line between going through deep puddles safely and not feeling like a lifeboat being launched into the sea.

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Full send.

I’d have had my visor open… Not by choice, I just seem to do that every time I go through a puddle


Boots inside for a reason

I can’t lie, that gave me a chuckle :joy:. Happened to me before!

Everybody does it once. Just once :rofl:

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Inside the trousers? They were, and the left foot stayed dry.

No idea what happened on the right, it is not like the water was not everywhere and moving in all the directions. At least I know the boots are waterproof, as it was not letting anything out.

It was nice to finally get home and get changed, seven hours later.

Boy those boots are gonna smell fresh for next few days… :rofl:

Boots to go inside trousers when going through fords

It’s damp in Surrey too :grin:

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Pah, it has not even sprayed up to your elbows.

Yeah, this is how you do it

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Horrific. Poor bike.