The Weekly LB Meet at Borough Market! (No longer running, we've moved)

2021 Update: Please note, we no longer meet at Borough Market due to ULEZ restrictions. We now meet at the Bike Shed in Shoreditch. Please see here: The Weekly LB Meet at The Bike Shed! - Ride-outs & Events -

[Drum roll…]

The new Wednesday Night Meet is at…

Borough Market!


It’s a cracking part of town, a stone’s throw from our previous summer venue at the Cubana and couldn’t be any more bang in the middle of London if we’d have tried. It’s a load better than previous venues, but might not look it in the photos, it’s one of those venue’s that just ‘feels’ right. You’ll have to be there to understand.It’s got so much character and is so ‘London’ that we fell in love with it straight away. Find out the full details here, and I look forward to seeing EVERYONE there! No excuses accepted, be there, or be a public transport user! :stuck_out_tongue:

Please give this your full support, we need your help to build something special for this year. We hope this venue will bring everyone together and make for a brill summer!

The first night is the 4th April, so please put this night in your diaries, tell everyone to come along (they don’t have to be a member of LB, this is for all riders in London!) and we all look forward to seeing you there!

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Be a public transport user… oi, watch it mister! :wink:

Cool, will be there hopefully, but probably not on the bike as it has decided it hates London on workdays! :smile:

Now, that is something to look forward too.

Venue is right easy to get to whether north, south, east or west and Just for MS and some of the others it is right easy public transport wise.

Top bars, there too.

Looking forward to the Lock stock and 2 smoking barrels pee take pictures down by the doors too.

Whoah thats far too far away from me. about 1 1/2 miles at least.

Wot pub/venue is the meet or is it just under the shelter etc?

Top banana guys. A new biker haunt for london!!! Just as easy for me to get to as anywhere.

Dead easy for the West London mob too.

Well done guys, thanks. :thumbsup:

It’s at the entrance of the market, under the shelter! Sorry for not making that clearer!


Down there all the time…its Buzzing !!

Hope to see you there in June when I’m on holiday, working on a wednesday till then


i booked this evening off work especilly for the first night…didnt miss the cubanas…and i dont wanna miss this one…

wot kind of host would i be ehhhh?

crossing fingers that the gixxer is back in my loving arms again by then…

cant wait…


don’t like it…

Nice one Smiled! Love your avatar, btw

Well it looks good to me, never been there so will be an adventure

Be even better if all the shops and stalls were open

It’s the area just opposite The Market Porter Pub.

A biker meet in a traditional ye olde london setting…hmmmm…pretty impressive

Well done…wellllllllllll done.

ANd for those that did all the riding round to check out venues with a VERY discerning (uh hum) crowd of LB’ers to please.

BIG UP, BIG THANKS, and damm well done.

Borough Market is the MUTTS, really!

Ditto What Debz said! Looks good.

Look forward to the first night if I can get a lift lol

its a great new venue for our meet!!!

Looks good to me never been that side off river

Near where i work as well


YAY!!! That’s only a 10min walk from work If anyone fancies joing me for a quick coffee in Joe’s Kitchen, just up the road PM me

I LOVE Borough Market