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The Weekly LB Meet at Borough Market! (No longer running, we've moved)

Hadn’t thought of that…its a “SARF” o’ the river thing…
Coild winter, oop North in’t Brazen.
Warm summer’s, sexy people, you all come back SARF!

Big up the stupidly, pointless geographical divide!

how about we do the weekly wednesday meet in Munich?..

Good choice, will endevour to be there…

AWESOME. Choice of venue.

I will do my best to get down there!



I think the new meet is fab and will undoubtedly please everyone and if it doesn’t, well tuff. We will be able to see our bikes and get good food and drink as well.

Thank you for organising, it was worth the wait and it will be sooooo much better than the Brazen.

Roll on the 4th April!

nice choice & thanks to the hosts for putting in the work to find this one! Inspired I’d say…

Yay … only 10 minutes ride from Wapping !

see y’all on the 4th

well cool!!!

3 minutes from me…

Yeah cant be bad, and I can get there by loverly London transport too.

Fantastic place, loads of pubs and places to scoff. Why did we not think of that one before!!!

Just hope the plod are ok with us lot turning up!!!

Well done!

So that is better… All that agro on the host because they tried to hype something that didn’t need help it…
When it is that good. Just lay it out plan on the table. It will shine by itself…
A real gem you guys set us up with.

Nice one and thank you (even if I will only go to the first one until the next half term break…

Great venue,lived right near there up until 4months ago,now it’s a nice run up from Wandsworth. Only just joined London bikers,gonna make the first night my first meet.Look forward to meeting some of you.

It will be good to meet all you…er avatars in the flesh.

wot the fook has redz avator done?


Sorted, sorry about that.

For those who didnt see it, my avatar was about 12foot by 9 for a while, took some scientific working out to put things back to how its spose to be before I totally destroyed LB forum as we all know it.

that was the biggest avatar ive seen in my life, damn, took up the whole screen, all i saw was carbon

Do it again please… My other half says that she like big… Question of habit I am told

Saw this on the 675 site don’t mind if I tag along. I am currently arranging for a ride out on the BiKe magazine forum to do their 440 route. That’s the 440 mile test route they use in the mag, anyone interested. It’s all a bit sketchy at the mo so any help organising it would be welcome.

Be my guest… We welcome all sort here… Just do not promote the D675 as I do not want it to become as common as a a jap…