Rufford Ford

After following a recent link to one of the many Rufford Ford videos this popped up in my ‘recommended for you’ feed.

Some idiots shouldn’t be allowed out of their mothers arms :wink:

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and here’s another which includes the Police issuing FPN’s to folk ignoring the ‘Road Closed’ signage

I love this one.

“You see! This is why I bought an SUV…oh sh1t”.

I know every generation says this but have people gone soft? Everything about that scenario tells you it won’t end well and people still have a go.

When I was house sharing once a flat mate asked me why the washing machine wasn’t working. It had been turned off at the wall. That’s not even trouble shooting that’s just basic intelligence. And he left it assuming it was broken without even checking that.


Yes I’ve got quite into these over the past few weeks as they’ve appeared in my “recommended” list. And I’m not the only one - for some reason this video has had over 87 million views.

Recently one motorcyclist tried taking it at high speed, predictably it went spectacularly wrong.

Lol, it was that video that sparked this post.

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Attaches tow rope to boot latch??

Have you seen the one of the biker who hits it at speed and gets catapulted off……

No, do share :rofl:

Lucky they didn’t kill themselves

I probably should not laugh but I cannot help it, this is probably the 4th time I’ve seen this.

I actually would love to see the aftermath of that.

It’s only a matter of time when someone will get killed or seriously injured, when you see the speed that some of the clowns that speed through the ford in their 4x4’s with all the kids standing around. I am half expecting a couple of banjo players at the side having a competition with each other🤣


Rufford ford is regularly Policed. When I was there I was told any excessive splashing results in a Driving Without Due Care £100 fixed penalty ticket and 3 penalty points.

It seems like it is now closed because of the danger seeking nature of the TikTokers who came after the YouTubers.

It’s been there at least 1,000 years and TikTok killed it.

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Rufford is just one of thousands of fords in the UK. Back in 2013 I organised a TOWiE special for LB’ers to 10 of the best fords Essex has to offer, we visited and rode through

and Little Baddow

Little Baddow

you can read about that little escapade here

Go find a ford near you

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Found this lurking on my PC. Some opted out of Essex’s #1 ford, there was a foot bridge and foot path for the pusillanimous, here are those who took the plunge (photography by Julie Jetstream)

BBC News - Watch: Tractor forces way through flooded Rufford ford

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“The accident blackspot” :rofl:

Anybody know where the traffic moved on to create the next “accident blackspot”?

Apparently, those blocks were to stop anyone passing. Doesn’t really work when they’re covered by water!


Bloody hell. That’s ballsy. He could have ruined any of those expensive tyres and the trailer.