Sunday 27th October TOWiE special to celebrate the ending of British Summer Time with a splash

Big thanks to Art for a grand day out and to Geoff for tailgunning.:slight_smile:

Others in attendance, Martin, Marcus, Dave, Vitali and his friend Eddie.

We did some roads, some lanes, some fords, hadlunch at Tiptree jam factory, then did some roadss, some lanes, a public footpath :crazy: and some more fords.:smiley:

Thanks to Eddie and the van driver for providing the entertainment.:stuck_out_tongue:

We took some pictures,

The first rogue elephant in the room.

Art shows how it`s done.

Eddie shows us how to do a 180, shame about the exit strategy.:wink:

Then this bloke decides to wash his dogs arse.:w00t:

Eddie pulls it off.:slight_smile:

Lunchtime and Art does some Cholesterol loading.:sick:

Well done one and all, particularly Vitali who did the big ford with no previous practice.:smiley:

We all got through but the van which tried to impress with his speed and alacrity failed big time.:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again Art for allowing us to play in your back yard.:smiley: