Rufford Ford

So its all being blamed on a motorcyclist.

Own up who was it?

BBC News - Rufford Ford: Is ford loved by TikTokers a danger or harmless fun?

Closed for ‘public safety’ yet the council has no data for the number of cars getting stuck and only the one injury. The AA claims 96 roadside breakdowns attributed to the ford in past 5 years, which equates to 3 rescues every 2 weeks. Not exactly the accident black spot the council would have us believe is it.

Keep the Kings Highway free, open and accessible to all.

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“Sometimes you’d have to film for 2 days just to get 6 minutes of footage.”

Stay in school kids.

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Did anyone see the video of the biker coming off? I think he came away with ‘just’ a broken leg, looked like it could have been much worse.

I’m ambivalent about it closing, i will likely never go there and if some clown wants to ruin his £30k bmw by driving into a river, let him at it. However, i can imagine the youtube fame has attracted knobs from around the country and from what i’ve seen there is often a police car parked up to control them, which is an expensive use of resources.

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This idiot?

I think @Jay should go and visit once there has been some rain then set his Tesla to autopilot* and make sure he is travelling at the speed limit then drive towards it and see what happens.

*For research purposes only and i do not accept liability for any damage caused.


50/50 there’s an insurance claim involved.


Saw this video from a different angle, still standby my comment then. What a muppet! I mean what did he think was going to happen!! pleased he is ok obviously.

He beeped the horn twice before hitting the water which made it even worse.

Those vlogger / live streamer types are a nuisance to have around. They actively harass people for views.

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And that inherently is the problem.

It’s not the normal people fording normally, it’s the imbeciles who allow themselves to be goaded into gunning it