Newbie Face/Bike photo sheet


Dont say I never warned you about putting a pic in your avatar !!

Nice to meet u the other day , you were lucky you never came with us as most of us broke down !


I fixted it for you :smiley:

Oh yes, nice to meet you


Okay, here I am…:wink:




and bike…


What I’m riding for now


“Posts: 4,182, Visits: 13,688” - you noob!


Whoops wrong thread I’ll run and hide


Shiver nice bike either way :smiley:


Ello & welcome to LB, nice bike, looks in better condition then your umbrella :wink:




Here’s me looking smarter than usual and here’s me Bandit looking as lovely as ever.

How do you get the picture to appear in the post? Ah. I see.





New to the forum but i have had the privilege of meeting some of you already at the OMC BBQ today! Hope to catch up soon!


Hi Luke, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


Hi gals and guys.

You can spot me in SE London or in Sussex and Kent on weekend rides. Also Lydden Hill and Brands Hatch occasionally.



It was suggested to me that I join London bikers and post here by CaptainSlow!

I have recently got back onto an R125, this time around I have a custom one which the bloke who had it before me did a beautiful job with.

I enjoy riding (I do plenty of it) and am keen to take my full license especially before this new restriction comes into effect!






Hey riders!

I’m new to the forum and just spotted this intro section.

See you around soon :slight_smile:

BTW - who is the “board admin”? I tried to subscribe to a few forums but they all show up this error :frowning:

Any help would be appreciated - subscribing to the alerts will get me up to speed with all the activity…


Sorry the application encountered an unexpected error. Information about this error has been logged. If you continue to receive this message please contact the board administrator.




Hi nilv, I have had at look at your admin error and changed a couple of things, hopefully it’s ok now. If not PM me and I will look a bit further.


New bike! :smiley:


This is me, Power Ranger style

This is me, casual (on the right)

This is me, a bit drunk

This is my bike, cleaner than usual


my bike


,and me