Newbie Face/Bike photo sheet


hi everyone, ive just joined the forum to hopefully get some help and advice from anyone unfortunate to have had any bike accident claims through Bromiley Holcroft solicitors.
My accident was on 10/07/09. it is still ongoing.
my main injury was to my left knee, i had an arthroscopy on 10/07/10 (yes… a year later) then on 27/09/11i had an ACL reconstruction.
After reading some other posts about Bromiley Holcroft solicitors, my lack of confidence in them was re-enforced. i agree that they dont try to get the best result for their clients.
Am i able to change solicitors , although i signed to have them act for me after being told by my ins co that my legal cover provided me with them.
Does anyone know what amount of compensation i should be looking at as they tell me i should accept between £8500-£11000. again other posts state that they tend to accept early settlements for an easy life.
Even tho my recent offer does not cover my losses they say i should accept?
Any help would be much appreciated




Hi All, My trusted SV650 parked up after a fairly easy trip from Bristol to London - Its got some minor bits added to it, although soon to be molested by James at JHS Racing;)


HI, there my little monster.

Looking for to get some miles with you guys !


How old is that picture?surely she’s not that clean now?
Beautiful bike bud.


AHAHAH, she is very clean ! Took that picture yesterday, before the ride.

I guess it’s becaus i’ve not been out with you on the road then :wink:

I shall try to come wednesday if this meet still happening.


Me and my bike Manolo “Manny” Ribera (I am slightly scarface obssesed)

please try not to call him a delivery bike he gets a bit upset and me too lol

see you on wednesdays


good to meet both of you last night

Scarface, see u on sunday


Me & my bike


Sexy bike !


Just joined the forum, thought I’d put up a picture of my ugly mug so you know who to avoid.

Just wanna ride. don’t care if it’s a couple of hours or what ever. Still getting used to it all only been riding a short while.

Don’t like the rain :slight_smile:


Cheeeers :smiley:


blackfriars road?

i recognise that tree

i work in blackfriars foundry, by bike is on the corner of webber st


Nope… somewhere not that far tho!
Tooley St


…and that’s Hyde Park…so what?

Nice bike btw. :slight_smile:


Hello All,

Im new to bikes and this site and Im looking forward to making your acquaintance on a meet sometime soon.

Kind Regards




The picture is not mine??? trying to add my picture again…




Very pretty!
Needs a belly pan tho!


Hi everyone my name is Filip i live in North London and here is me & bike :]


Welcome Filip.

Good choice of bike. good choice.


welcome from a 625 SMC person… :smiley: