Newbie Face/Bike photo sheet


Luv the tail end, pipes look great, nice colour.


Jamie, nice camera wicked quality filming, watch it in the sun, my mates cooked up in France on the 4th day of filming! It was brand new…


Hi mark welcome to LB! :smiley:


Hi Dazza, welcome to LB, mental bike u have there!


Hello Sirs. Joker here from the 'States. Me rides a Kawi Gen2 10R n race a Kawi Gen2 10R. I’m 6’6", 260lbs or I’m 1.98m n 118kg. I like to read, take long walks… haha. Just joking. Heres my streetbike…

and my racebike…


Morning Joker, great bikes u have there, welcome to LB!

Don’t u have to fit mirrors and indicators too get through any type of safety checks out there?


Thank you! No. We dont have any safety checks over here. It is kinda illegal to not have mirrors BUT it is not really enforced. If a police officer wants to bust your balls, he can but most of them do not. I do have indicators though, you missed 'em, lol. The front ones are in green plastic on each side and the rear ones are on the side of the rear brake light.


hi all,
im new to the bike scene in london and riding in the rain every damn day.
trying to get this thing looking half decent for the brighton burn up.

ill save you from looking at my head, im sure the bike is enough of a turn off :slight_smile:


Cool, nice pair you got there, that’s for sure! (bikes)


Welcome to LB carter!


Hi all!

Just registered and looking forward to joining in on up coming ride outs.

Have had my Hornet 600 f8 for about 18 months now and loving her.

As requested, here’s a couple pics. Apologies for the cheesy grin!!


just wanna say thanks for the warm welcome tonight at borough market and it was nice to meet some fellow bikers.

I will hopefully see you guys again soon




Levi, where did you go, thought u were coming up to the Ace, good too meet u mate. :smiley:

I lost everyone :Whistling: didn’t want to give Boris anymore money to his Olympic fund! :w00t:

But met back at the Ace! :smiley:


Welcome to LB brownleachim :smiley:

Get down to BM on a Wednesday and come say Ello! :slight_smile:


My Bike:



Hello again Karen so you joined then!!

I hope Westie looked after you Friday?? See you about soon no doubt!!


Big welcome to a fellow Trumpetier!


Aye, Westie looked after me, good lad that he is! Yep, Bonnie and I will be around so no doubt we’ll meet again :slight_smile:


Thank you! :slight_smile:


Fellow horneteer
when you getting down to Borough Market or Tea Hut?