Newbie Face/Bike photo sheet

Welcome newbies:) It’s strongly advised that you post a picture of yourself and your bike here:w00t:

This will make it easier for members to spot you at meets and ride outs:D

Thank you;)

The Newbie Team.

My newbie post here: Link


my bike



my mug shot



just another newbie saying hi and a few pictures of my machine (only a 125 but still pretty awesome) :smiley:




here he is… not the most exciting bike ever to exist but one of the best IMO. been to and from Poland on this bad boy, hopefully africa next - ill keep posting

My little 1200 Bandit after a few changes along the way, it’s gone from naked to this for a bit of protection when touring :smiley: . I’ve put the end can, Renthals with risers, braided brake lines, jack up on the rear,all the luggage (that does come off pretty easy), belly pan and under tray, custom seat, double bubble plus a few other bits on the drive line.


Here’s totally fresh meat. Even without a bike! But I came up with an idea that maybe someone could/would teach me to ride. Love motorcycles since probably forever but never had a chance to ride.

If anyone’s interested in becoming a sensei of riding, please don’t hesitate to suggest your ideas :wink:

Thank you!

Can you ride a pushbike?

Serious question as the basics of balance are the same, well in fact it’s easier on a powered bike as you don’t have to worry about the first pedal turn.


@ 100rabbits …

Have You considered booking a free ride with your nearest Get-On center . .

Normaly run via CBT centers & Bike shops .

just an idea :smiley:

Just steal a bike and joyride it, seems like that’s he way to learn to ride now…

Get a boyfriend who rides a motorcycle?

dun hav a mopped for beginner :unsure:

me :

my bike :

Here’s me.
Not the best photo but the only one I seem to have of me on/with my bike.

My new baby with special paint job… old one written off by ped who almost wrote me off as well… but you cant keep a good woman down!! lol