Newbie Face/Bike photo sheet


This is my helmet :slight_smile:

And this is my missis ! <3


New member from wembley






Newbie from Bedfont middlesex, hoping to get to this week’s Borough market meet, say hi if you see me I’ll be the loner in white and black rst leathers .




Nice paddock stand


Nice bike, love that colour scheme. Especially with the yellow wheels, they normally come black.


Thanks Sam, I bought it like that was thinking about getting the wheels resprayed black but I think I’ll leave them now :slight_smile:


black is a good colour


Hi to all you London Bikers, this is just to say hello from Jonathan in Hackney, thinking of joining some of your ride outs. This is my ride, CBR900rr.



Erm… its been a while. Signing into new site … Now it’s useable on the mobile! :slight_smile:

Still same bike, nothing’s changed.

Hope your well. Ride yer bike, live yer life.




Hey all…

Just signed on… am based in SW London and am the proud owner of a CBR 600RR - R4 in custom white and black with some bits.

Hope to meet a few of you on some rides… plan on doing plenty of them lol.

And my Lid…



Hi all,

Just signed up. New biker passed my mod 2 this week. Going by the name SoulRebel and I ride a CBR600rr her name is Unity.




Hi All,

I’m new! I’ve been riding for about 2 months now. It looks like I have no clue what I’m doing on this picture but that’s the only one I’ve got. It’s the very first day I got it, was scared of it to start with. Looking forward to practising as much as I can so always up for ride outs!


I will try this again:


Nice bike
You need to get yourself down to borough market tomorrow night



Met a couple of you at BM over the last few weeks, might as well say hi here too.

I don’t have any pictures of me on a bike so here’s my stupid face (leftmost)

And here’s my bike

And I’m indifferent about turtles.


Welcome! Was nice meeting you a couple weeks ago. I could have sworn I saw you at the Ace at the start of my rideout. But not again.


Welcome mate!!


I thought you were going to stay forever a lurker lol


@Changyammi - definitely not me, if I’ve been around the Ace it’s been entirely accidental (so far)

@nivag - thought about it, but WildBoy has been bitching at me for months to say hi :slight_smile: