Newbie Face/Bike photo sheet


Hi everyone - here’s me and my baby, yesterday at Brands Hatch


here is my baby:


Wow that is a very pretty bike!


Nice one mate!!!


Hi, me on my GSXR. Taken with my mates GoPro;


Hi all,
Here’s my CB600, absolutely adore it being my very first bike and all :slight_smile:


Hey everyone! New to the community and to riding. Here’s my toy:


Just saying hi with a pic of my bike.


Hi Everyone,

Thought I’d post a pic. of my latest vehicle of choice Moto Guzzi V7 Classic. I’ve been riding quite a few years and used to commute to Marble Arch every day at one point on a little RD125. Today though I’m more of your fair weather rider and use her to commute to Hertford and back only in favourable conditions I might add.

I have only recently joined as I used your site to post a Stolen bike “Ducati Hyperstrada” notice for my OH, it was parked next to the Guzzi but fortunately they didn’t get to this one. Well, we are still awaiting the dreaded insuranc offer but we have a Triumph T’Bird on the horizon as a replacement so things are looking up and hopefully we’ll be riding together again shortly, we are not going to let the Barstewards win and after we turn the garden into Fort Knox we hope tokeep hold of this one a lot longer.



Hi all, Newbie. First big bike. Hopefully see some of you on a few ride outs.





This is my baby, a Kawasaki VN900 Custom, Vance & Hines Twin Slash Cut Staggered exhaust with PCV + some more customizations.
A pro-shoot to come, just took this yesterday after a good wash :slight_smile:


Most of the last 10 people who posted here posted once or twice then vanished :confused:
It’s like the Bermuda Triangle in here :smiley:


They realise mistake and move on to “”.



Hi all,

me and Piky


damn that’s a nice bike


Hi all!

Recently picked up a new mechanical mistree, used to have a 98 hornet but we went our seperate ways!

hopefully see some people on April 4th



Hey I’m Zoe and this is my bike :slight_smile:


Just kidding, I wish! I use a Yamaha YZF-R1 :slight_smile:


My helmet or “face” pic is to the left, and this is what I ride :smiley: