Newbie Face/Bike photo sheet


close enough :stuck_out_tongue:


but seriously, s1000rr- you lucky sod. If you’re riding on that I’ll be bike perving to the max.

Just a pre-warning.


It was going to be a surprise :stuck_out_tongue:


You ruined it Jaime. :stuck_out_tongue:

Which are you thinking of rocking up on if you come along Rusty?


The last time was the RT :smiley:


Got to be the RR this time then surely :smiley:


Hello everyone,

Newbie here…

And no … I’m not taking pictures with a demo bike :)))
Just got it … first service … removed dealers stickers



I’m new to the whole motorbike community after years of wanting and wishing I jumped in!


Me on the FZ. No longer on the road as the carbs seem to have given up the ghost.


Here’s mine :slight_smile:


and Mine.


Me and Lola!




Bit late in doing this.

Here is me: '72 Australian Larrikin, heavily modified, in average condition.

Here is the bike: '09 Triumph Street Triple, pretty much stock, mint condition.



Hello all been a member for a while and a bit late putting a pic up, but better late than never.



Hi I’ve just joined the site and this is my ride.






Hi I’m new here too, Steve on a zx6r. Been riding about 18 months. Popped down to bm last wed with a mate and hoping to be there this week too