Newbie Face/Bike photo sheet


Wheres Kishan? :ermm:


Hi & welcome Arthur.
Admire your enthusiasm but I wouldnt use fairy liquid to wash your bike mate. The chemicals in it will strip your paint of the protective waxes :wink:


Hi all!

im new here, but i have been on the bikers oracle vfr forum lately.
Im gonna check the ride outs and when the spring is coming, im gonna be out on my bike :slight_smile:




Hi everyone,

Just doing the its my bike and I’m new to the forum pic so laugh it up as yep its a Duke 748S 2002…I’ve already had the laugh at’s and breakdown jokes thrown my way in the newbie section lol! Still I guess I’ll be seeing you on nice DRY SUNNY days as it’s what my little number likes…cold and damp (rain?)…noooooo!

Dave…the newbie.


Hey, I’m Crystal, I’m new here, and I’m planning on coming out on some rides once I get my bike fixed, so I figured I’d leave this here.

That’s me pulling a ridiculously crazy face after riding my bike for he first time :stuck_out_tongue:

Although this is a more accurate representation of my face:


Ay up daisychains,

New here but been on other forums. Not had many meets yet so looking at popping out most meets if they’re close enough! Hope you’re all well and everything is rubber side down.

Anyway, Here’s me and the bike (currently… work in process)

A little bit about me: well, what can I say, I’m tattooed, employed as a square, love riding, like meeting people totally randomly and have just moved to London in the past 6 months. Not been on a ride out yet or have any bike minded friends that live close enough for a social drink every now and again unfortunately :frowning:

Don’t be a stranger… I’ve probably seen you riding around if you live in London so if you see me somewhere… say Hi! I don’t bite… most of the time.

xx Ink xx






I think ive seen that ink on that bike , I think I seen an ink on thut bike up around the fleet street .


Now you’ve got me thinking as to if I’ve seen you. What’s your general riding get up? :smiley: And was it recently?


Welcome to the LB family…see you out at BM soon or on a rideout…


Thanks :slight_smile: See you all soon hopefully.


My bikes do not go to London during the week ,they live safe in the garage all wrapped up warm and safe … I am easily spotted in London … BIG white transit van , Flashing lights front back and roof , lots of stickers .Guy with fluro orange overalls driving it …Scooby Doo and a foam banana on the passenger side :slight_smile:


By any chance did you pull up next to me at a set of lights and have a chat? or see me from afar? I was there during the week!

I’ll keep my eyes peeled…

Peeled… see what I did there :wink:


It’s the bike I think I saw , went past me coming from the direction of the strand . I was going the other way and it was opposite me when I went past the split bit .Bike stood out a bit to me as I had a buddy had one black carbon wrapped so I have an auto sense built in to watch for those :slight_smile:


Fair enough! I’m literally working on the bike as we speak so you’ll have to look out for a matte black and blue accented one soon :wink:


Welcome, easy to remember that bike colour scheme…shall definitely keep an eye for you if I stray from East London :wink:


Hey! Thanks, What’re you riding at the mo?

Most of the time, I have no reason to straybut I’m always looking for more excuses to go out :smiley:


Either a BMW 1200RT or a S1000rr :smiley:


ooooo grins and claps


he even wears a uniform on one of those bikes :smiley:


I thought I’d seen him somewhere… :wink: