Newbie Face/Bike photo sheet



Yes try again

Make sure you know who will be there, ask for them and have a brief chat to introduce yourself, would be my approach.

Personally I cannot go to this event to meet you both, sorry about that.

If you find someone with whom you have a similar bike or interests, then go for a ride with them maybe, it breaks the ice and its what its all about.

Failing that, write stuff on the forum until you are happy to turn up to Borough Market, which is a meeting every Wednesday in summer.

This place is run by amateurs so it doesn’t look after you. You contribute and what you put in, you get back. :smiley:


Hi you two, it can be a bit clicky sometime, but I’m quite new and now everyone is sick of me! Seek me out Wednesday, and I’ll look after ya :smiley: Arriving around 1830


I concur, best way is just to say hi and talk about what you ride. Conversation flows from there.

oh and don’t be put off by the friendly banter, take everything with a pinch of salt and tongue in cheek :slight_smile:


And watch out for me_groovy
He’s a wrong’un

And you can come talk to me, I have a CBR too :slight_smile:


he’s right you know


Husky Boy

I really hope this works


Mmmmmmmm nice Husky!

I’ve got an old 610 but it won’t bloody work :crazy:


Just wanted to say Hi to everyone :slight_smile:
That’s what I ride


Nice! I want an SV like this one soon


Hey guys, how you all doing? I’ve just joined the forum and I’m hoping to meet some of you guys! Anyway, that’s me and my SV, hopefully will see you soon!


Welcome to the house of fun Turistas…


Hello all,

Just joined up as my Sidi Black Rain’s are leaking and looking for guidance.

Live near Gravesend after moving out of London but still working in town.

Commute in on my lovely Triumph . . . yeah doesn’t look this clean anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

this is me tho due to baby not able to make night outs just yet. be great one day to pop along mind.

Odd photo I know, like to game obviously :slight_smile:


Hello mate! :slight_smile: Welcome to LB!


Oh wow, should have realised you were on here mate. I’m now lurking for advice on Daytona boots. Expensive but it is pretty wet now and damp feet ain’t working for me :confused:


Big fat lad on a Ninja.


My bike, though not so clean at the mo


Hello - another newbie here. I thought I better do as I’m told so am posting a pic of my nice little Suzuki 125 I’m using to get to grips with London on before doing a full license probably in the spring. So far so good! Now to start mining you all for more info.


My bike (Aprilia Pegaso 650 Strada) which I can’t fully enjoyed because I still have issues with its height. I lowered it and its still uncomfortably high for me. Now I’m thinking about reshape the seat. Hopefully it will work.

At the back, my hubby’s pride, Triumph Sprint ST 1050.


Hi my names Arthur im 16 and as you can see i got a 50cc. Always loved bikes since i was a kid and now im riding what i can :smiley: