Mirrors for supermoto

The husky is back on the road! After two dormant years I went out for a ride on Saturday and forgot how much I bloody love that bike! Serviced it through the week so all the fluids were renewed and it’s like she’d never been away.

Wanna improve my mirrors as have the cheapy round eBay jobbies wedged under my switchgear at the mo and can’t see sh*t out of them when you’re doing a decent speed. Thought I saw a thread recently that some of you with orange bikes had put your mirror setups in but can’t find it. Any chance you could post em in this thread? Have seen some expensive Oberons that could work but don’t really want to spend that much so looking at the oval ones on Amazon and the like. These ones could work: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07YQ23CDL/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_1GA3QBMKM2DS7DWAAYJ7
But I’d mount them so they’re positioned underneath the bars and the mirror is below the switchgear and grip.

Has anyone done similar or got a better solution?

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Just bought these Handlebar End Mirrors Motobike - CNC Machined Aluminium - PAIR https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00LR08MS4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_7FM2YJT4XD46KP6MQC0M

Look pretty good, will let you know how I get on…

I’ve got similar mirrors on my Speed Triple, I find them ok once you get the angles right. You can cover the blind spot on the right hand one and use the left to see further back.

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Cool, cheers dude. Can you still see ok out of them at motorway speeds?

Similar to what I have on the bros.

You have to move your head around to actually see behind you (because it’s small) but once your doing that it’s fine, even at motorway speeds.
I have found the clamp has come loose a couple of times, but a bit of electrical tape under it fixed that

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So the clamp came loose even though the bolt was still fastened properly? I’ll use your shim method to begin with I think and it’s uper useful to know that as I’ll be installing new grips etc after the mirrors (mirrors will be installed before the switchgear). Cheers!

Yeah fine at motorway speeds. If I know I’m not filtering too much I’ll rotate them so they stick out a bit more for better vision.
As said you move your head a bit more to see and shoulder checks as well, which is no bad thing.

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Mine are old cheapo ones, new might be fine.

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Once I’ve road tested them a few times I’ll report back. They look pretty decent for the money and remind me of some rizoma ones I had years back on a hornet.

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prob too late as you bought some already but here’s what i ended up doing on mine

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ah that’s what I saw before, cheers dude. yeah you’ve got a very similar setup to what I have at the moment. but above around 50mph I just can’t see anything. I’ll see if the ones I’ve bought improve things and will let you know. I’ve found with the nature of these bikes, it’s a good idea to be able to see who’s behind you sometimes, haha

hmmm i dont have an issue seeing behind me… unless you keep on the left of me (no left mirror)

Mine vibrate like buggery. They’re slightly differently mounted than yours mind you

Mirrors on a Supermoto? You have been off the bike for a long time!


Mind you, this is from the SM rider that back in the day got stopped for…amongst other things:
No Speedo
No indicators
No mirrors
Zorst too loud
Failure to display Road Tax
Unroadworthy condition of a m/vehicle - Found not guilty :wink:
Speeding - Found not guilty :wink:

9 things at the side of the road, went down to 7 things after PC Grumpy Beard made some phone calls, down to 5 things after the CPS were done with it. When a copper has it in for you, they have it in for you!

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He obviously had the hots for you

:joy: :joy: :joy:

Is no Speedo actually a problem?

I thought it wasn’t, and the bros doesn’t have one as a result

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The copper that pulled me (claimed I was speeding!) Said that no speedo, along with the lack of mirrors, indicato, loud zorst etc were mot failures. He was wrong.

He lied in his witness statement and giving evidence and got caught out!

He was very crafty but didn’t realise that SneakyMcC wld be sneaky and get Chartered Surveyor to bust his lies wide open.

The same with the condition of the vehicle. Measuring the chain tension without someone sat on the bike. Letters from Honda and the mot station, plus waving an oily service manual at him as I cross examined
him blew his nonsense up!

Although there were questions about his evidence the magistrates still wanted to side with him but he got caught (he didn’t realise) pulling childish faces at me having blatantly lied on the stand one of the magistrates started batting for me.

Jesus, sounds like someone who really shouldn’t be police.

The bike passed its MOT with no Speedo, but at the bike shed yesterday it was suggested that it’s but needed for an MOT, but might be still a legal requirement