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Mirrors for supermoto

A speedo is required under the road act only. Any vehicle that can exceed 20mph must have a speedo.

Mirror, indicators if fitted must be fully functional.

Taking an indicators off but leaving the wiring means the indicators are broken or defective.

If these things are not fitted they don’t form part of the mot. The speedo does not form part of the mot at all.

Its all out there

Sorry, I have hijacked the tread! Back to topic

Your hijack is possibly more interesting…

Gave the mirrors a test in the week. These oval type don’t allow you to see much as the glass isn’t convex. It’s like trying to peer through a small letter box. Not ideal at speed. I’ve adjusted the position of them to see if it helps and will report back but I’m inclined to go back to the others.

The validity of decent mirrors became immediately apparent 2 mins from my house. Pulled up at some lights and before I knew it I was surrounded by young men in tracksuits on scooters and low powered SMs. They were very interested in my motorcycle but on this occasion, didn’t seem to want to persuade me to part with it, luckily. But yeah, police and thieves eh?


Few pics here. Had a bit of a wrestle with these yesterday and am pretty happy with everything now…


Nice. You’ll have to let us know how you get on with them. I’m interested for my supermoto.

will do. I’ll be going for a spin on Sunday. to be honest if I was going to do it all over again I’d probably have a look at these as you may be able to get them closer to the switchgear for a tidier look…

Mirrors are good! Seem pretty stable at motorway speeds and don’t vibrate too much either. Would recommend them.