ACF treatment question

Question, how much do you peeps usually pay for an ACF50 for the winter?

What does a can cost? 10-15 quid?

I think I still have the can i bought 3 years ago

I paid £75 or £80 I think

@Serrisan was more looking at someone else doing it.

@eezie so £50 would be a good deal then?

£50 would be cheap. You’ll have to wait until the spring to see if it was a good deal.

The ACF50ing isn’t remotely the tricky bit, I’d add a couple of quid onto the cost of the clean, I guess? It’s really the clean you’re paying for.

Is it only done by mobile services, it seems to be that way? Otherwise where is a good place to get all this done properly.

I do have some ACF-50, but it is a liquid not a spray. Well it has a diffusing bottle, that seems as good as useless, so I just pour a little onto a cloth when I use it. But as with all things, I have no idea what I am doing.

Too much

How difficult is it to spray from a spray can onto your bike,have seen people talk about it on this forum like it’s some specialist skill that only people with required knowledge can apply😳…yes there is places out there that offer the service to apply it for you but imho it’s something you can easily do yourself unless you like paying people an pretty extravagant price to clean your bike it’s not worth it.

Again, it’s not the applying of the acf50, it’s the cleaning beforehand.

The only difficulty is making sure you don’t spray it onto the brake pads/discs and tyres. As mentioned above you need to have the bike spotless otherwise you’re just sealing in the dirt…

Cheers all, Serv members getting a discount on this being done professionally so thought I’d see if I was indeed getting a good deal.

Need to get my MoT done tomorrow (only 2 months out of date I discovered yesterday).

There’s a service to help with one of your issues

Did mine last year…

Mo Clean is £70 at their unit in Waltham Cross

My lazy man approach is to clean the bike and then spray it everywhere avoiding the brakes and radiator and then add more spray every few weeks. Get it professionally done once a year before the winter sets in.

I used my local AYB (All Year Biker) rep to do mine. I paid £70, which included a clean first.

That’s handy to know as it’s round the corner from me and don’t have the easiest of set ups at the mo to wash the bike etc

£75-80 for for detailed clean and ACF treatment from Bike Clean Xtreme - Mobile in Essex and really good.

Is it a bad idea to use ACF-50 on a chain?

As I have to leave my bike outside, even with it covered the winter weather always seems to cause some rusting where the chain sits in the sprockets and moisture gets trapped.

Being an oil,I would have though it should be safe to use on a chain for weather protection, applied after cleaning and before lubing.

Looking online, every time this question is asked the answers are all about not using ACF-50 in place of lube. Which is obvious and not the idea.