ACF treatment question


I use acf50 on my chain I do it 2 times a winter never seemed to hurt it


The professionals avoid the chain


shakes head/ if the chain is sufficiently lubricated…

Although it remains a mystery to me what benefit ACF50 is.


You forgot to finish that sentence, NT. But in my experience a fairly new chain, freshly lubed, still attracts rust where the moisture is trapped.

I have even switched from using a heavy cover to a thinner one in the hope it will allow it to breath and dry out better, but that seems to have made no difference.

Just one day of rain this week, and it needed a through clean as spots were appearing.

I assume the benefit of ACF-50 is less any effect it has but simply that it clings on and creates a barrier. But if it works for Bigty then it seems safe enough to for me to try too.


Try using a paint brush to cover your chain in oil.


what amazes me here is most chains have o rings and grease in the actual link
so you not oiling that bit
all your oiling is then exposed metal and the sprocket teeth

me I keep the chain clean with a paraffin wash & lightly wipe over the chain with an oily rag
saves flicking up oil everywhere


WTG eezie, proper job Wise.

Michael seems to me you almost answered your own question but didn’t quite get there. If moisture is trapped the chain has not been maintained properly. As above, get down and clean it with a brush and paraffin, brush on an 80 grade gear oil, removing the excess with an oily rag to help reduce fling and the jobs a gooden.

Also after riding in heavy rain or prolonged periods of wet weather give the chain an interim clean with a goodly spray of WD40, other water dispersants are available, don’t forget to re-lube the chain with gear oil, applied as before, as the WD40 will have diluted the lubricant.


You are missing the point, NT. It is not about riding in bad conditions but simply it being stood outside in saturated weather (rain, fog, dew) that does not get warm enough to dry it out.

In my (limited) experience with the 125 and 500, with different chains, a freshly cleaned, dried, then lubed chain, with the bike immediately put under a cover will still start to show rust.

Without a garage you cannot avoid the conditions, moist air will get to the chain even with a cover. And where the two metal surfaces of the chain and sprocket are in contact that moisture gets trapped in the cold conditions.

Riding the bike even in bad conditions would probably help as it would keep parts moving and warm them up. It is being sat there in the cold for prolonged periods that exacerbates the problem.


I’m not missing the point at all. If its stood out there without protection (lubrication) then it will suffer from corrosion. What will you be doing when coating the chain in ACF50 that coating it in gear oil will not do?

Coating the chain in gear oil will protect it from the eliminates and give that all important area where the rollers and sprockets come into contact with each other some lubrication, lubrication that will extend the life of both the chain and the sprockets.

Here is the point - that lubrication will not come from ACF50!

That’s not to say you won’t get any lubrication from ACF50 you will, it will be somewhat like lubricating your chain with WD40, or any other water dispersant. A can of worms we’ve had open before :wink:


i dont put jack shit on my bikes & they are used daily all year round
ive never had any issues
i wash them weekly in the wetter months & bi weekly in the dry months

lubing is done weekly for everthing but the chain which is cleaned weekely & wiped with oil sundays & wednsdays


So is the real deal here an expectation to get a clean well maintained motorccle from a can?


If you want to assume I am lying, and that I do not clean and lube my chain then so be it. But I do, and it happens.

No amount of you trying to claim otherwise will change the fact that rust does appear on a chain that has been cleaned and lubed.


That is the difference though, wise, my bike is not ridden every day. Even in the good weather it rarely goes out during the week.

As I said on another thread, last winter it only went out once a months. In fact it is slightly worse than that as from December 2nd I only rode it twice before March 24th.


No assumptions or false claims of what is or isn’t being done here just trying to help with a simple statement of fact. A correctly cleaned and lubricated chain cannot corrode until such times as the protection given by that lubrication becomes ineffective. At which point its time to clean and lubricate the chain again.

What do you think you’d be achieving by coating the chain in ACF50 that coating it in gear oil will not achieve?


I don’t see the problem here if it causes no harm then why not. Acf50 on everything except the brakes and tyres makes cleaning easy and prevents rust build up from salt. If it’s doesn’t hurt no problem


I give up


I think this is the key point, Michael wants to maintain his chain less often. You don’t think he should.