ZX6R Cheap

Selling my ZX6R
Has no fairing and is fitted with flat bars, some on here would call it a streetfighter :smiley:
Has mini speedo and single headlight, Art race can, new chain and sprockets, new fork seals, heated grips, 8 months tax and mot, very reliable :slight_smile:

Make a good: 1st bike, winter hack, track or stunt bike :slight_smile:

£700 no offers
PM me if your intrested :slight_smile:
Will try to get pic’s up soon :wink:

may be intrested mate. pics and location would be handy.


shame,your getting rid of this ,is a nice bike:):smiley:

Pics please!

It’s in Tugs Avatar :wink:



p.s. please note crash helmet is NOT included in this sale.

tel likes an afternoon on the bouncy castle :slight_smile:

He does indeed :laugh:

Looks like its had one fight to many :slight_smile:

Strictly no offers?

So the sprint to Brighton is off this year then…or do you have a secret weapon

astra van:D

Does the van play a tune? ;):hehe:

think its not running right,keeps stopping every 5 minutes:P

I’m in Acton :slight_smile:

U not gonna take my offer then, of turning your front room into a nightclub:cool: Just think straight swap for all that lovely DJ equipment! U could be the next Skinny boy slim! Forget about stunt riding! :wink:

Do you think there’s a market for a disco playing The New Seekers and Lonni Donegan ? :P:cool:

Never heard “Guilty Pleasures” on Radio London? :smiley:

Terry I don’t suppose you still have the fairing for it ?
I’m after one of these… but want the fairing !

You’ve made your mind up then ??!!!:hehe: