Your opinion please... Buying a Cat D write off...

Here’s a funny thing…

Saw this on Ebay

Guy writes…

How can I sell this superb bike for such a low price? It was an insurance Cat D claim. The bike was cosmetically damaged and now returned to its original condition, by Triumphant, the largest Triumph second user part dealer in the UK. The guys there really know what they are doing. I have ridden my ST Sprint 1050 cat D for 9000 miles now, without a problem at all. she was great purchase and I love her. This 675 was very very lightly damaged, the fareings took all the scratches and the frame is unmarked. The owner probably had new for old insurance for the first year which is offered at the point of sale. This bike is now perfect, in every way

He’s saying he wants about £5500 for it ( New price £7199 ) … It does only have 77 miles on it ( how can you prove that me thinks ) and a 2000 miler D675 seems to go for between £5900 and £6200…

Cat D??? Is it worth the hassle to save around £500 - I know that cat d’s are cosmetically damaged write offs… but Where did he get it ? Who are this outfit ‘Triumphant’ - cowboys? decent geezers?

Here is the auction.

Whadya think?

The only problem with buying a Cat A,B,C or D, is when you go to sell it again, alot of main dealers wont accept the bike as a trade in. So you may be stuck with it unless you can sell it privately. But they are supposed to be fantastic bikes, I know MCN took one round the track and loved it (they still have one as a run around).

Thanks Lady P - good point

“and a 2000 miler D675 seems to go for between £5900 and £6200…”

Yes but its a CAT D, anyone reading an advert for that is going to be put off, I would certainly never buy a bike for full price when its a CAT D. If hes selling a bargain then no problem but its taking the p***s to sell it at that price for an insurance write off.

Get him down to £4k and its worth it but not at that price.

Good point Rom…

I think what has happened is ‘chummy’ buys Cat D bike from auction for about £3,500

He then gets his mates to fix it at Triumphant …( where did they get the new 675 panels from ???) for £1000

Bike stands him in for £4500 - he wants to make £1000 profit… easy

ask him to supply the frame numbers and ensure he has the v5. I’d then contact Triumphant and ask them to provide information regarding the repair they’ve done

CAT D requires damage to be in excess of 60-70% of the bikes replacement value, even with the new for old cover (insurance companies aren’t quick to jump for that option trust me - i had my new r1 replaced earlier this year and that was due to the full front section, side fairings, engine bolts, exhaust headers etc damage).

A few fairings replaced only? bllcks. yo’ure talking over 4 grand of repairs

he’s also kept the bidding private - this may be because he’s getting others to bid it up rather than people having legitimate interest

he’d be lucky to get 5500 if it was not an insurance write off like romanov says. Repair damage would knock a chunk off, and CAT D way more.

I’d be very careful of that machine

A couple of things that I would want to know if I was looking at this bike:

1 - I would want to see a list (with receipts) of what was repaired so that I would have a better idea of what could have happened to the bike. Cat D is uneconomical to repair - so how much, and what, damage was there?

2 - I would check what similar (non Cat D) bikes are going for right now (not just take his word on the values), and then probably knock at least £1000 off that. For less than £1000 saving, I personally would rather have the peace of mind from buying a non-Cat D. (When it comes time to sell the difference between Cat D and non-Cat D, becomes smaller as the bike gets older.)

BTW unless you are considering buying new, the list price is completely irrelevant in this decision.

Just one other thing: from what I’ve read/heard this is quite a flighty bike, not quite R6 flighty, but more focussed than the Suzuki, Honda or Kwak. This bike got rave reviews at its launch, but hasn’t really got such good press subsequently.

Is it a fraud ?

he quotes yank bike sites,

“the tyres have massive sissy rings on them and the knobbly bits that you get from the mouldings”
sissy rings ? never heard that one, chicken strips is the term…

“by Triumphant, the largest Triumph second user part dealer in the UK”
Neither I nor my mate Google has heard of them . . .

“The owner probably had new for old insurance for the first year which is offered at the point of sale”
New for Old is something yanks mention, never heard it here.

“No overseas bidders or over priced cheques. Money Tran$fers or any rubbish like that. The deal is cash, bankers draft or cleared cheque in my bank account for a full 5 days. I won’t be conned so don’t waste your time trying”

SO, he wants a 5 day getaway before you get your bike, tread very carefully mate… but cat C/D bikes can be great, I’ve had 15,000 miles out of a cat D [just scratched] blade that cost me £2000, & its still worth £1800, cheap runabout

When we were at the Ring there was a guy from the UK on a brand new K6 thou. We got to talking to him and he had race fairing all over the bike and we asked why. He said that he gets a brand new bike, puts race fairing on it and hammers it over the summer and then puts new clocks and the OE fairing back on before selling it with low miles and in mint “looking” condition.


I’m glad I’ve got LBer’s to consult on this one!

Thanks for the opinions all…keep en coming if you have something to add.

Meanwhile I’m off to lok for a 20ft Bargepole… anyone know where I can get one?

Just a small point for reflection but a brand new GSXR600 K6 will cost you £5699 at sturdeys of Tonbridge - I dont know if you prefer Triumphs but at that price I’d always want a new bike…there are some 2005 models still on sale as well Kwak 636 going for £5500…

You might want to read this months Ride magazine, there is a section on stolen bikes, V5 docs and other dodgey business happening on Ebay.

Doesnt look good to me.


Forget the bike… It is crap… Not only this one… All Daytona 675… You want a GSXR750 or what have U… Not, I repeat, not a D675…
Any as far as the seller is concerned, do not buy anything from him… looked at his profile, looks doggy to me…

NOT A D675!!! NOT GOOD!!! BAG FOR U!!!

looks like 675 owners like a bit of smack too by the looks of things…

That is compelling I admit…hmmm Hell of a price gap…


Nah they like the hard stuff - for instance they go thorh Gallons of Mobil 4T Sport a week.,

If you are looking at buying new it will be hard to beat this deal for what you get! In fact I would say that you won’t get better value for money on any new pure sportsbike.

We buy loads of these sorts of bikes, we’ve just broken three in better nick than one one shown because they were worth more in bits than the price they commanded, even rebuilt mint … purely because they were on the hit list for life. Its too much money for a ‘hit list’ bike. You can buy salvage and buy all the bits yourself, or track day it, for a lots less than that.

Is your bike insured fully comp or FT&T? For some reason bikes don’t always (or ever, I’m not sure) get recorded as Cat D if it was only insured 3rd P and the other party was at fault. Wierd, but you can check it out.

What bike is it? I sold my Cat D K5 to a racer and made £1k on the deal.

Also depending on what bike you have, parting out could make you more money. Be prepared for a lot of hassle with providing pics, answering stupid questions, cataloging/storing all the parts, packaging parts and routine trips to the post office… A lot of people start down this route then end up flogging a crate of bits for next to nothing because its a lot of hassle.