Your opinion please... Buying a Cat D write off...

In that case your bike probably won’t be recorded Cat D, so it may be best to repair it and sell it without mentioning the accident - depends on your conscience really. Why do you want to get rid of it though? If the frame isn’t damaged you can make her good as new again. I had a 100mph spill on my K5 and when my mechanic was done (I was too traumatised and lazy to fix it myself :whistling, she was 100%!

If you do want to get rid of it, perhaps you should speak to 666 (who is looking for a race bike) before you repair it…?

If Sandy at Triumphant did the repair he would have done a first class job

He has supplied me and many of my friends with quality secondhand parts

Why not ring him and ask 01443 691666

The question is, do you want to spend that sort of money on a bike that would be very difficult to sell later