Your favourite condiment!?!

While shopping around Tescos (other supermarkets and food outlets available) I found some Budweiser Honey BBQ Sauce…Oh…My…God…WOW! (pic to follow)

Im in love with a BBQ sauce. Truly the best sauce I have ever had, absolutely lovely, gone already…did i say its AMAING and LOVELY.

Got me contemplating about a whole new world of sauces and condiments I may have never tried…

Whats your fav?? :slight_smile:

My favourite is Encona Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce. Goes with just about everything, and has a nice kick to it! :wink:

A few years ago, whilst eating a fried breakfast, I realised that the egg yolk always runs out before everything else and thought it would be great if you could get egg yolk in a bottle! Sadly my invention never came to fruition… :stuck_out_tongue:

piccalilli, not the sweet stuuf though !

Piccalilli the sweet stuff from Lidi just the best

Worcester sauce.

Mrs HS Balls Original Recipe Chutney - Great with curry, bunny chow, burgers, boerewors !!Crosse & Blackwell Tangy Mayonaisse - Great for Chicken Mayo Sandwiches and Potato salad…Yummy

It’s a Saffa thing…:smiley:

Condiment thread eh? Reminds me of Smiled’s marmalade joke :w00t::w00t:

+1 for Encona (hot pepper)!

or Wasabi or occasionally Mango Pickle.

Haha that is so SAFFA:PMrs balls and ketchup on the braai or ketchup and mayo mixed onhot chips. mmmmm nom nom nom:D

Are you lot fcuking mad?!!!:doze:

Jack daniles Bua…Bua…BBQ sauce is a real winner here…


Econa is good, but Tabasco is great as a vinegar substitute on chips and Levi Roots is a good tomato ketchup replacement.

Nandos Peri Peri Hot Sauce

Bah you beat me to it, Nandos Hot Peri Peri all the way, on Chicken, Rice, Chips, Pizzas… Yum Yum

It goes with just about anything

Eaton’s Jamaican Hot Pepper Sauce for me.

addicted to mustard and mayo

hoi sin sauce…

I can eat almost anything as long as its got tomato sauce on it :slight_smile:

Though I love hoisin and sweet chili with the appropriate food.

An Australian friend’s recipe - scrambled eggs + avocado + sweet chili – all cooked and mixed together. Nice combination!

Having said that, just half an avocado with a glob of sweet chili in hole where the stone was is awesome.

Just love sauces … got to be bearnaise with steak. Reggae Reggae original and their tomatoe sauce is mmmmmmmm to and goes with almost anything.

Mrs Ball’s is great with any sort of pork. Usually stick a healthy dollop in when making gravy for a pork roast to give it a slightly sweet spicy tang.