-------------Xmas pressies------------

  1. What do you think your getting for xmas?

  2. Whats on your xmas wish list?

  3. What are you buying others for xmas?

Bike and non bike stuff.

Mrs Russ

Has paid for a snow board holiday in Meribel Mottaret 21st Jan


  1. trash as usual

  2. all the things no one will ever buy me

  3. nothing - they will get the trash i got last year.


Something in stockings

  1. another handbag. already had an ipod!

  2. SP2 - more chance of me getting moon cheese

  3. can’t say in case Chuff’s reading this!

wadaya mean christmas, is it that time of year again ? already?

What I want - loadsd of sponsors to give me some dosh for next seasons racing.

A nice new road bike.

A sportscar.

A painless divorce.

To see my son.

ok, back to reality, what I want for Christmas is to have a good time and survive to the other side. Enjoy many parties and see lots of like minded people (roll on the LB crimbo party).

As for what I am buying, one part was an Ipod but I had to give it to the recipient early. As for what I am going to buy, no real ideas, always leave it to ultra last second.com myself.

Ask me in a month Snap. I’ll have a rough idea on all counts by then…

My xmas list:

  1. power commander (have to buy myself)

  2. R&G Crash protectors for my forks

  3. 1 million pounds (very unlikely )

  4. Large bottle of Jack Daniels

  5. Torque wrench (very exciting)

then prob the usuall crap

buying the wife :

  1. Eeeeeeeer maybe some gsxr accesories LOL

  2. 32 Inch LCD TV LOL

  3. pefume

  4. cash

Xmas I neeeeeed

  1. Speed cam detector (just got f***in flashed again

  2. K5 or ZX10 forks and all the bits top n bottom yokes

  3. a good holiday

  4. 2nd speed cam detector just in case the 1st one stops working

5 Simpson Diamondback helmet in black ( Just soooooo sexy)

  1. A full Nos Bottle 1.5bl if poss

Speed cameras apparently are not tested to accuretly measure the speed of bikes,

so it may be worth fighting it mate…There are cases that are being won. Just a hought

  1. What do you think your getting for xmas?

I got a ticket to Spain and the car renthal for 12 days

  1. Whats on your xmas wish list?

A very portable laptop, an Armani suit, a trail bike, a new desk for my home office, new chair… bla bla bla…

  1. What are you buying others for xmas?

Im giving the money for the ticket to spain and will probably end up paying for the car as well…

my god I forgot my friend JACK DANIELS! Is it still time to add??? Is it?

I don’t expect much… So what ever I get, I’ll be happy with…

And I’m so skint, Wom’t getting anything for anyone…

  1. What do you think your getting for xmas?

Nothing. Nobody loves me. Except my parents, but even they don’t love me enough to spend money on.

  1. Whats on your xmas wish list?

Another 495cc.

  1. What are you buying others for xmas?

They should be so lucky! Oh, allright then, something edible for the parents, as flying to Spain to see them.

Oh yes Cezar, don’t forget jack, his company is always required this time of year… HO HO HO , BAAA HUMBUG!!!

Neil my friend I’m just getting some ice into a crystal glass (as it has to be) and soon it will be going down my throat very somoothly…

For the funny ones out there, and I know you are there. I’m talking about the Wiskey! The Wiskey!

Ice cold n cool as fcuk Cezar…think i’ll join ya, cheers m8

Cheers, my ‘virtual like minded mate’! lol

ic…! ops

Ressurection!!! Im sure it should all be a lot clearer now.