www .mansized.co.uk

Right, before any1 comments i aint got a clue wot said site is!

only on londonbikers does this come up and not everytime, when i click on certain topics the recent 1 been seat foam this (see pic) comes up.

I only have it on londonbikers and not any other site.

wot is it, is there a virus or something on here?



WTF! Thats not the pic i attached.

the pic i attached was from prntscreen on comp which is a box asking for name and pass word etc.

dont worry i am not silly enough to write them in, lol.

see if the correct pic happens.

you need to give the image a unique name, I think the new forum software is dumping all the images into one folder, so if you upload a photo that’s been named before it’ll choose the first one.

Could be a bit of russia roulette on what photo shows up in the thread :w00t:

testing theory this attachment is called untitled.jpg should be a skull and crossbone

it should of been this image

so if someone uploads a file called Untitled2.jpg this will be shown :smiley:

this should work.



yep thats it. only comes up on this site and not on every/most threads.

not sure what it is, but i had it pop up this afternoon as well

Yes, had a funny square pop up today asking for a log-in and password, but it did not have that picture on. It was just a grey box.

Yes me too…poxy thing keeps appearing:angry:

thank f*ck for that, i thought i had a virus somewhere but obviously now it is to do with this site.

nothing about a virus, everything about what’s written there, restricted access only.
I don’t know the site, it could be temporary, due to work going on on the site, or permanent, getting in only through connections, etc…

Seem to be a link embedded in some of the posts. I can’t seem to reproduce it at home which is quite weird. I thought I saw it in some of Panagiotis’s posts but they’re not there anymore!

this post does it, on iPad so can’t see the source http://londonbikers.com/forums/398234/The-padding-from-a-seat


thats the 1 it happened for me today but has happened on a couple of other posts too.

I have to say i haven’t seen this issue myself yet but i will keep an eye out for it.

Doesn’t look like a virus but we will look into it.

PJ: what browser are you using. I get a prompt when using firefox/ie on the link posted by Nivag. Nothing happens on Chrome.
You should be able to see an image link if you view source.

Just seen it on Nivags posted thread using Firefox.

Never seen that before so i will look into it further.

i use explorer.