WTF Mopeds....??

Ok so Wednesday morning rant now!!

So I’m merrily biking to work this morning & there’s some complete idiot on a moped (With a big bore exhaust) cutting all bikers/cars/buses you name it, up like mad… weaving like he’s on crack… so much so I even felt it right to give him the universal sign of the ****** whilst attempting to avoid his shenanigans…

Then later on I’m nearly over the roundabout, just after Lambeth Bridge & a second complete moron on a moped totally cuts me up, so much so I had to slam on the anchors… back wheel up in the air & me on the floor!! - Turns out he thought I was going to go right… dunno why, I was in the left lane!! - He did apologise & admit complete blame though… (Thank god I have crash bungs otherwise the faring on my R6 would probably be ruined!)

FZ09 FKS was his plate… give him a wide berth people…

Gggrrrr - ok rant over…

On a brighter note, I got a new video up last night :slight_smile: - But fell asleep on the sofa uploading it so the missus weren’t best pleased!! :wink:

Sorry to hear about your off. Especially annoying when caused by another PTW…

Unfortunately there are nobs on all forms of transport…don’t let the fkrs get you down…physically or metaphorically. :slight_smile:

Thanks Waxy :slight_smile: - Back’s starting to hurt a little bit… gggrrrrr…

Last week I had some complete cock on a scoot swerve into me. I had words with the prick and apparently it was my fault for not seeing him coming through.

I’ve started backing off from scooter riders as they start having to prove something when they see me… i can’t be bothered anymore… the second they see the pink and the hair they start undertaking me and doing stoopid manouvers… not worth my time anymore…

On another note… love the vid… but i was dissapointed to see you were chasing a car :stuck_out_tongue: Was hoping to see a bird on a bike lol Or was hoping atleast to see you wheelie past :stuck_out_tongue: lol :smiley:

Thanks smasher :slight_smile:

Yeah I’ve noticed that a lot of moped riders seem to want to prove something by trying to race me too! - I just don’t bother with them…

Ha ha - haven’t managed to get the missus on the bike yet… she’s a bit scared :wink: (& I haven’t attempted a wheelie yet!!)

I had a guy (or presumably kid) on a moped covered in monster stickers trying to race me up clapham high street a couple of days back, he was pulling what I imagine he would describe as wheelies (hang off the back, rev the ‘engine’ so the front wheel briefly lifts before crashing down and causing him to swerve wildly across the road and virually up the kerb) - he won the ‘race’ because a) I didn’t want to be anywhere near him, b) I’m not 16 so I think racing up the high street at 6pm is stupid, c) He undertook a bus as it was pulling in to a bus stop and was lucky the bus driver spotted hime before he got turned into pate.

He was wearing the traditional moped protective equipment - trackie bottoms, hoodie, bare hands, unfastened helmet.

Crazy fools! :crazy:

Yep, the little crazy sods are everywhere at the minute… hopefully they’ll disappear back to school (if they are in school) & go back back to using the tubes when the weather gets a little worse…

Sorry to hear about your off, hope your not damaged too much.

In the vid I can’t help noticing you are being overtaken by cars!!!

@Atomic That’s because I was being a good biker & sticking to the speed limits :slight_smile:

Passed the moped shop on the South Circular between Catford and Forest Hill yesterday… 9 of the little scrotes all standing round a bloke who was clearly trying to sell one to one of them…

Standard issue Moped [email protected] uniform… black trousers hanging down below their arses (what is it about losers who want people to see (FAKE) Calvin Klein’s name on their arse) …trainers with laces hanging loose to catch in god knows which moving parts… helmets all on the backs of their heads… big black puffer jackets… all holding two mobiles each

Funnily enough as I passed going one way, an armed response unit from the Met was going the other way very slowly, and ALL three of the bill inside were eyeballing the would be mopedistas. They then pulled in to “introduce themselves”… :smiley:

Be fair, it is a very reasonable assumption that every single one of the scrotes has never ever driven below the speed limit… ever…

AND on a completely different note, for those of you with a thing against cyclists, on the same journey home, I was sat (on my bicycle :slight_smile: at some red lights… when some 50 odd year old monkey just shot through… I thought nothing of it til I caught up with him about a mile later. Riding along, he hears me coming on his left and turns to look, completely ignoring where he was going, he then swung over to my lane, realised how dumb that was, looked forward, and proceeded to swing back into his lane straight into the back of a stationary bus… biggest crunching smashing noise you can imagine… followed by him leaping to his feet and shouting at the back of the bus, I kid you not… then dragging his now utterly FOOKED bike out of the road… I stopped and gave him a very long, very slow clap whilst laughing and then went on my way… he’d clearly ONLY got to about 50 by luck, cos he lacked any common sense or judgement whatsoever! :smiley:

@<a id=ctl00_ctlContentPlaceHolder_ctl00_ctlTopic_ctlPanelBar_ctlTopicsRepeater_ctl12_hypUsername onmouseover=“window.status = window.location;return true;” onmouseout=“window.status=’’;return true;” href=“”>Toby-1-kenobi Ha ha ha ha ha - wish I’d seen that!!!

Tell her to stop being such a girl :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

I think the worst ones are the little sh1ts who just get intimidated by a bird on a bike… its so stupid! I mean a real bloke would just accept it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hopefully I can get her out on it properly soon!

@Toby: Lol. they get what they desserve eventually :smiley:

i do think its funny when a gang of mopeds will pull up next to me and start revving there engines wanting a race… just leave them to it

Once was riding down the road towards Ruislip Manor when 3 mopeds on opposite side of road thought it would be funny to come in my lane and play chicken so as i was in a frisky mood i just accelerated and aimed bike towards them… they absolutely **** themselfs and all swerved out of my way one almost went into a parked car was hilarious :slight_smile:

i find that my L plates are like some sort of race badge to these idiots. They want to come show off or race etc. idiots.

yesterday one of them screeched to a stop behind the van behind me, because i had stopped for a zebra crossing. The knob shook his head then nearly hit the woman and her toddler as he insisted on iignoring the crossing.
Also saw a kid doing a wheelie whilst filtering, get taken off by a Porsche. Felt so bad for the driver, who received verbal and physical intimidation from the youth before he picked up the moped and rode off. I’d have chased him down if i wasn’t stuck behind traffic in my works van.

Makes you wonder why they even bother?

**** that’s sucks man atleast your alright.

If I’m in the mood and they try to race me I just up the tempo keep them near by thinking they are amazing then when I know theres something naughty round the corner like exiting queenstown road onto silverthrone road at speed there’s a huge speed hump watch them go flying off towards the pavement :slight_smile: