WTF Mopeds....??

Since I started using the bike for commuting I’ve noticed that most scooter riders are f’n idiots.

As pointed out on this site

"72.3% of all accidents involving powered two wheelers happen in urban areas, and of those 85.9% involve mopeds and scooters "

No head checks, no indicators, swerving in and out of lanes without even a glance in the mirror, dipping in front of a cars as traffic is about to restart moving, u turns without looking etc.

That’s just the ones with poor riding skills. You alsohave the ‘chip on their shoulder types’ revving engines and trying to get in front of a big bike.

One of these days one of the idiots will get knocked off or something… perhaps I should keep my cam handy & post it on youtube if I see it…

Its unfair to the genuine “new Learners” but I think the system where you can stay on an L-forever is really bad… especially as the CBT is just proving you can ride and understand the rules of the road… behave for a day, get a free rein to ride like an idiot for another two years…

Personally I like to rise to a challenge and the folk what do that, the L- don’t stand for Learner in my book…

But hey everyone knows I’m a judgemental old fart… so nothing new there then… least I get to drive an awesome machine of awesome-newness instead of telling myself I really am fine with being a life long Loser on a shitey knackered Mop…

I come into the City from Dulwich, through Brixton and E&C at around 06:30 each morning and most days there’s a tall bloke riding what I think is a Gilera 200 with top box and leg-skirt. He has full Arlen Ness racing leathers with sliders on and a nice looking Arai. He thinks all the non-scooters want a race with him and I smile to myself each time I follow him round the Elephant roundabout with his knees hanging out, I just wish I could get him on camera.
Anyone else experienced him??

Totally agree, the CBT should last 2 years and you should have to pass your full test in that time, otherwise it makes a joke of the whole system.

I’m still amazed that being of a certain age, I would have been allowed to jump on a moped with L-plates and go riding round london without any training, not even the CBT.

No-one else hear feel alittle bit self-righteous :wink: ? I was going to post another reply along the lines ofthe above, no racing on my part, all the gear, little scroats etc ect. The Iwas reminded I am nearly 40 & of a time ‘ahem’ before I had a licencecharging round the roads of the village I lived in minus helmet, gloves, shirt,only hoping my trainers and early eighties style nylon shorts would mitigate any damage…… and what fun it was!

I guess we all grow up, ‘causeI now want to ban them all……


Feeling self righteous takes my mind off feeling old & fat :stuck_out_tongue:

Have his sliders been down? If so then he’s cool to do that on a ped. If unmarked then you should point out to him that he is lord of the ghays.

You never know, he might have a bigger bike at home, just use the scooter for commuting and wants to be safe so wears full leathers… Kinda like seeing Pan on his little scooter…now that is a Kodak moment…

I know a rider who used to have to use a ped for work and had his blade at home. He would ride around in his race leathers on the ped, it was absolutley brilliant!

He pulled up next to me at a set of traffic lights, beeped at me and said “alright there darlin’ you sure you can handle a stunt bike like that”… i was gobsmacked and gave him a well dirty look before realising who it was!!! :blush: :blush:

A mate of mine used to work for Honda’s press fleet, one day he was on a superbike the next a moped and the day after a Civic or a NSX, always wore full leathers (on the bikes, of course!) He learnt to just stare straight ahead at traffic lights when on a moped as the mickey taking was just too much!

Anyone see the original “Taxi” the French one? Not the one with Giselle Bunchen…
Opening scene is the Pizza Scooter ride of teh GOds, getting farings down and raising sparks… V COol… I’ll see if I can YouTUbe it up…

The verb to Youtube how Monkey is that?

Anyone ever use the word “rewind” anymore apart from that candy ass no hoper Craaaaaaaig David?

hey i think i know that road you were on when you were catching up to your girlfriend, you live just past greenwich, don’t you? :wink: sort of Charlton…

You know exactly where he lives. You have been spying on him the last few years…

Must be a Russian thing…En it Dick Breath

@Anna, yup, certainly do…

@Moto-King - Uh oh… better watch my back then!! :wink:

Know the film well - a Luc Besson production. Excellent ‘ped riding scene. I borrowed a scooter as a courtesy bike a few months back; a very beat up 50cc from Pole Position. The thing was lethal. No power, no brakes, every other motorist taking the piss in the way they don’t when I’ve got my baffle out. I was wearing leathers with sliders at the time - properly knackered, I might add, - however still rode it like a teenage girl as it was so scary. I must have looked such a tool, but discretion being better part of valour n’ all. So anyone who can ride one well my hat’s firmly off to. Tracking one must be mental.

Can a leopard change its spots?

We think not, some pot seems to be be calling the kettle black here or, time travellers travel back to the A10 (A2) for a(nother) speeding ticket :w00t:

To all you scooter haters… eat moped sparx, :smiley:

it’s called riding for work also having a friend who lives down there, but that’s something you wouldn’t know about much as you’d rather talk the walk not walk the walk.

en it pussylicker :smiley: