Would you be wiilling?

With the increase of bikes being lifted into vans by gangs, would it be an idea that if you bear an LB sticker, you are giving permission for other members to chain up to your chain.

2 bikes would be harder to lift into a van without making a fuss.

So long as it was chain to chain so as not restricting leaving, then yes. Good idea.

Ditto as above

me thinks the Chunkster has stumbled onto a winner.

Cracking idea, guess i’d better get an LB sticker!!!

It’s not a new idea mate. Some time ago there was a scheme where you displayed a sticker but it never took off. I hope we get a unanimous vote in which case we can make it a default of bearing an LB logo which would be nice:)

+1 Chaz…

There are a number of ground anchors in a bike bay in southwark, near the old IPC tower (Cant remember road name, sorry)…

Why arent there more! grrr

Ok im confused ? why wouldnt you always chain through someone elses ?

I always do it if theres a chain near enough and often people have done that with my chain …doesnt bother me in the least

Sounds like a good idea.

yup i’d be up for that, tho mines parked in the work car park, wich has my bike nicely jammed in:D;)

but i would be willing if i parked anywhere else:)

as mentioned would be willing if it was chain to chain!

as a note this doesnt stop them cutting the chain tho just stoping them lifting bikes

Obviously, but as Mr Tesco says “Every Little Helps”:cool:

just playing devils advocate :wink:

brilliant idea tho and I hope this catches on!

well done uncle cracking idea…go to the head of the class :slight_smile:

These fellas seem to work in daylight where speed is the essence.

It might help deter them as breaking chains means time and noise

Sounds like a top idea to me, if its chain to chain then where’s the downside?

Thats brilliant

+1 point :wink:

Quality idea, before my bike was stolen only yesterday :angry:i used to quite often do this with a bike always parked near mine. Never had any problems!!! Well, not till i had nothing to lock it too!!!

I think its a great idea, as bikers i think we have a big respect for other peoples pride and joys, meaning plenty of care is taken when locking to other locks

been doing this for years though did hear of one guy who came back to an irate biker saying he couldnt leave and had been waiting for hours…for it to be pointed out that all he needed to do was undo his chain !

i’m up for it absolutely. and if it helps anyone i park up outside the bloomberg office on finsbury square off of moorgate, usually from 0700-1700. i need to get a sticker though.

Greta idea…

All i need now is a chain, and a new job up london?..