wot a nice surprise.....

ok…im sooo exited right now!!..i even had a little bit of pee come out…:w00t:

my father and i havent bonded with each other for about 15-16 years…ever since i joined the army really…he was in the USAF as a pilot and i think he wanted me to follow that route…

so…anyways…ive been thinking about a trip to the states for 2 weeks to get alittle bonding time togeather…in about 2 years or so…so as to give some time to save up and doo it all propper…

my plan was to rent a Harley(as my father has one)and go cruising across from Georgia…to across the desert…maybe Arizona to the grand cayon…;).

(i always remember a picture of him back in 1977 when he was standing in front of the canyon)…

anyways…he said he wants to get a new Harley and it would be insane to rent one for 2 weeks…soo…(here’s the best bit)…he’s giving me the one he has now and is gonna buy the new one…giving me his harley…!!!:D…my god man…!!!..he said as of the phone call that bike is mine as it gives him a good excuse to shop for a new one…!!!

im sooo thrilled right now words can not describe…the fact that i will be riding across America with my old man…on a Harley…is beyond beleif…

sorry for banggin on…but im sooo thrilled…i need a stiff drink to calm these nerves…lol

here’s the bike…


Thats good news pal, I’m happy for you, but remember chaps don’t go with GSXRs!:smiley:

duuuuuuuuuuuuuude niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!

Are you gonna get it brought accross here when you are done?

too right!!!..:w00t:…i’ll ship it over when we’ve completed the trip…but doubt i’ll ride it as much as my gix…lol:D…still…it’ll be sat there pride of place and be well looked after…:wink:

ive never ridden one of these before and always took the p1ss putta harley riders such as my perents…lol…but i can feel abit of filo beddo comming on!!!



Nice one, sounds like you’ve got a wicked trip lined up there, no wonder you so happy :smiley:

Mate, i never noticed how much you look like your dad these days!!!:w00t:

I can’t wait to see you get your knee down on that baby;)

oh Shane that sounds awesome!! how cool, i bet you cant wait mate!!!

fantastic, do it!:slight_smile:


That is going to be so much fun.

And the other day at the Ace got talking to a guy who’s job is shipping motorcycles, and I got his business card. Will have to get the details to you.

plenty of space on those david hardley cans for stabilisers shane :slight_smile:

sounds like a great trip ya jammy git enjoy it :smiley:

Wicked Cool:w00t::stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds awesome hun, I think everything will touch down before the knee by the look of it :hehe:

You can tell us all about it on Fri

thats very cool of him, you have to recreate the '77 photo but this time with the both of you :slight_smile:

Let me know if your route takes you anywhere near Kansas or Oklahoma…I’ll ride out and meet you guys…maybe head west with you for a ways.

I’ve got extra room and a big garage to safely stow away the bikes if you guys are needing a place to rest for a night…steaks on the grill and beers all around.


Really nice post. Made me feel all sorta warm inside. :slight_smile:

Sounds like a fantastic trip in Harley Country.

That’s great news mate - pleased for you!


If you do decide to go to Arid-zona :wink: Then you will have to pop in to see my Ma for a cuppa, oh and a ride on her quad bike!

Great news about the Harley but I’m still chuckling about the thought of you in your one piece on that :wink:

Congratulations fella. Enjoy your new bike and that trip sounds like the best way to do it…

Now we know you are a half septic it explains why in every photo on here I see you are wearing a baseball cap :wink:

Nice one mate.

Have a fantastic one. :smiley:

Result dude!!!

May struggle to get the knee down but you can grind the footrests pretty good on those! :cool: