Worse than i thought!

Some of you may know I came off my R1 at brands march 1st, i was taken to hospital and they xrayed my chest and told me i have fractured 3 ribs and i need to rest for about 4 weeks. Well i have not been out on my bike although i have been rebuilding and customising it, but the pain has decreased in my ribs and increased in my chest. It got so bad that i went to see my doctor, i explained what had happened and how the bike hit me and he explained that in the centre of my chest was only Cartilage, and there was nothing they could do, I needed to rest.

The pain has got much worse and i ended up going to A&E, after examining me the doctor said he suspected I had broken my back and my sternum, (thats the bone that my doctor said didnt exist in the centre of your chest that your ribs connect to). I had 6 xrays and my back is fine but he told me my sternum is shattered into pieces! it will take minimum 6 weeks to heal and hopefully then I do not need further surgery. I asked when i could ride again and he laughed.

I am gutted but pleased i know whats up, i thought I’d share this as you cannot trust the hospital 100% although they do an amazing job,if I didnt go back with my doubts who knows what might of happened! I guess now is a good time to get the bike sprayed!

Sorry to hear that, no wonder you have pain :pinch:

Look after yourself :slight_smile:

:pinch: :pinch: :pinch:
Mate, sounds nasty !

Get well soon.

Sorry to hear that fella.

It sounds like you will be taking things very easy for a month or so.

Buy the GP a book as a gift, “The skeleton for dummies” is on special offer at watermans this week.

PS - Got any good pain killers?


check this out, some good advice there, take care fella!

get well soon and rest!:slight_smile:

take it easy dude

take it easy mate and get yourself better soon atb

sorry to hear of your problems
you should think about reporting that doctor for fobbing you off like that
he could be dangerous

Hope it heals soon mate!

Damn! That’s bad luck.


i remember when i broke my ribs…the pain was really starting to go but then…

i got up from a chair and felt a pop in the middle of my chest…right in the middle…the pain it hurt for about a week after…come to think of it…i might have done the same thing…lol

anyways…gws bruvva and speak soon


ahhh mate, not nice! take it easy, loads a rest n get someone else to do everything for ya :smiley: mabe we can all come round n do donuts n wheelies outside urs? :D:D

Big ouch mate, just rest as much as you can.

Strewth, hope the pain goes soon and you feel better.

Jesus fella, that is one hell of a painfull injury, sounds like a nightmare couple of months ahead.
Wishing you a speedy recovery, and hoping the pain eases for you soon.


Get well soon mate;)

Ouch!, Get well soon fella and personally i would be seeking legal advice with regards to that particular GP for medical ignorance :wink:

Wish you well for a quick recovery-& that you don’t loose your nerve.

No wonder you have been in such pain:angry:

Take it easy and Get well soon fella:)