Wish Arthur well

Hi all

I felt like i should let you guys know as Arthur is planning to rejoin soon!

Arthur is in hospital at the moment with a lot of broken bones! Not a motor accident. He was on his way to work and as he was crossing the road he was hit by a van. He broke a lot of bones and spent 2 days in coma. Can we just all wish him a speedy recovery?!

As previously promised i had spoken to Arthur as to why did he leave LB. Since we are very good friends now he opened up to me. The reason of his sudden departure was he had suicide plans (yes) andhe felt like he couldnt leave thisplace without saying goodbye. He will be on LB soon to explain properly.

Once again can we all wish him a speedy recovery!

Apl the best

Sorry for all the mistypes. Typing on a phone can be annoying :smiley:

don’t think I know the guy but that sounds pretty horrid and yes best wishes for a speedy recovery from me


GWS Artur.

Just incase anyone fotgot who Arthur is his nickname was Dreamerboy16 and he got that awesome drop off to prom from you guys

GWS kid.


GWS buddy.

thanks for letting us know Max.Cagiva

Hope he gets well soon, that is bloody aweful. Hes a really nice kid and hopefully he is out of his little down spell.

Well that´s hard to read, I really hope he gets well soon both physically and emotionally.

How about we let him disclose his very personal reasons himself? Good lord. Can we wipe this thread or someone edit it.

+1 Let’s leave him alone now. I wish him well but I’m not sure this thread is helping

Wish you well Arthur.

Get well soon Arthur.

I had assumed that Max posted this at Arthur’s request.
If that isn’t the case then this thread should be deleted.

I thought Max was Arthur

That’s very sad :frowning: I hope he gets better soon and get the support he needs to start feeling happier, he will always have LB :slight_smile:
And yes, unless he has agreed to this thread, I really think it should either be edited or deleted, the info disclosed is very personal.

GWS Arthur hope he has a speedy recovery

Poor fella… Get well Arturs!

I hope he’s getting the help he needs. I’m not sure he’ll find it on here though. If people are not aware of the situation their banter may be interpreted incorrectly.