Wireless earbuds under helmet

No idea why upload from iOS safari has rotated the images :man_facepalming:

I’ve been tempted by those for a while but I can’t justify the price right now

^ We asked lot’s of questions. Hopefully we weren’t difficult. @kylejm and I are both quite particular it seems.

^ Single driver version

^ Pro model (dual drivers) in Kevlar wired form with generic bud attachments purely for testing

^ It’s a slightly odd sensation when the moulds are created. Lot’s of squiring and then pretty much silence.

^ Waiting five minutes for the mould to cure. Must not move! Very hard when people are talking to you!

^ We both went for the clear variant. Obvs I was tempted by KTM Orange but didn’t want people staring at my ears more than they need to when getting helmet on/off.

^ Protect and care package you get with them

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Did you resize the image before uploading? Apparently there’s a bug in iOS that strips metadata (and thus orientation info) when you do that.

How much did they cost?

I’ve got moulded ear buds which are great and as I have a cardio unit all I at the moment.

But with the next helmet I’m looking to avoid putting anything on the outside.

Let me know what the sound quality is like, and importantly the background noise. I still like to be able to hear what’s happening around me.

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This is interesting. I’ve loads of intercom, microphone, speaker and phone questions as I’m not entirely happy with the Interphone set up I bought in a bit of a rush when I got the bike.

I’ll think about what I need to know and fire away later.

In the meantime I’m almost done with running errands on my town bike.

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I’m very curious too. I’ve got a Sena headset in the helmet but I struggle to hear it above 50 mph when I’m wearing custom-fit earplugs.

That’s the issue we have with our current (old) Interfone system and what caused me to get these custom fit earphones with Kyle.

We bought the mid tier version so dual drivers for better quality music performance. They were £290.

The single driver version that’s good for voice alone (not music) is about £100 cheaper.

We opted for the short cable version so they can plug into the intercoms on our helmets easily and then use a supplied extension cable for use with other stuff ie phone, laptop, etc.

Of course; now I need to look at updating our intercom units to make the lost of them but was going to do this anyhow at some point, this just gave me the kick up the bum I need.


These are headphones only, no microphone so not a replacement for a helmet intercom.

No didn’t resize, but I’ve noticed that the .HEIC format that iOS uses for photos translates to some issues in some places :man_facepalming:

I recently bought the Cardo Packtalk Bold and think it’s great. Pricy, but the voice controls and voice quality is brilliant. Use it both for calls, music and chatting with my gf when she’s pillion.

The Packtalk Bold has separate ports for the earpiece and mic in/out, so you can choose your own speakers if you don’t fancy the JBL ones that come with it, but keep their noise cancelling mic.

Like @Jay said, this is exactly why we got the custom moulded earphones. You can have the volume down low instead of blasting it to overcome wind, thus making more noise for your ears to deal with rather than protecting them.


I prefer silence never really liked riding with music

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Hi Kyle, does the Packtalk allow you to talk over music? Satnav over music? Pick up a call over music? My Interphone requires me to press a button to shift between modes, conversation or music - irritating. It’s complicated slightly by the ability to bluetooth to the bike, sometimes one of the headsets drops out of connection inexplicably but remains able to inter-communicate with the other headset as that is a direct connection independent of the bike.

The Interphone instructions are crap and no support is available, think I may have fallen for the sales man’s patter at a time when I was drunk with the bike buying process. Sena and Cardo are the names that crop up all the time…but are more expensive of course.


It does all of that, yes!

You can also choose to choose any audio you receive to your main unit with your pillion, including music or even a call.

I use my iPhone as sat nav, so I don’t often do what you’re saying if mixing inputs together, but I’ve tried the music and call sharing and it was a breeze.

Jump on YouTube, Cardo have a load of great videos explaining the abilities.


Lol with your bikes…

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:joy::joy: yeh as if he’d hear anything over the Honda :joy::joy::joy:

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Hahaha touche