Wireless earbuds under helmet

Looking for suggestions. Something not too expensive, small enough not to interfere with a full face helmet and decent sound for music.

Not looking for microphone, intercom or wired buds bluetooth kit.

I’m sure I had asked the same a while back and be was given some.

Need to dig out topic if I can

i use the anker ones

they are fairly bulky and can take persuading to get into a helmet, but i use them most rides. good quality music
and battery will do a full day of riding (maybe several)

i would like ones with google assistant integration but I always prefer just having earplugs

I saw a similar topic from a year ago, but I didn’t find a satisfactory answer there, hence why I’m looking for some new input. Things change and all that.

That’s way too bulky, mate. I tried something of similar dimensions and it almost ripped my ear off taking the helmet off.

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Oh yeah absolutely… Was thinking it might have some useful things.

Turns out all I got was a review of a product I knew and it all went off topic onto penises… Classic LB

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Nah, that sounds like cock and ball to me :rofl:

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I use the normal headphones plugged into my phone. your phones do have a headphone socket, right?

Maybe it depends on helmet, but for me ear plugs and speakers do a better job of cutting out wind and making the audio clear than headphones. You used to be able to buy a set of helmet speakers with a standard 3.5mm jack, though if you do not want to go bluetooth.

That I do. But I’m also looking to use said headphones to pair with my pc over bluetooth for some light daily workout.

I’ve already got SMH5 intercom speakers inside the helmet, but the music quality is atrocious.

I ended up giving up on wireless buds. My left ear has a narrow canal so they always fall out, regardless the brand… So I just kept the wired Samsung ones my wife got with her phone. I normally wore a balaclava winter or summer so that kept it in place. Even if it fell out of ear it was still perfectly fine to hear volume wise. And with the wire it meant it never fell too far or akwardly out

To be effective you really need cavity headphones that you almost shove into your brain. Etymotic make excellent headphones. I’ve used their MC5 and Er-6i (discontinued but great if you can still find them). So long as you get a good seal they stay in place and do not protrude enough to foul your helmet. Their Bluetooth options are expensive but a Fiio uBTR makes them instantly Bluetooth compatible and the sound quality is outstanding. That’s what I currently use on my bike with my Garmin Zumo XT.

I’ve used Ultimate Ear custom moulded single drivers too. The isolation was excellent but the sound quality wasn’t as good as the etymotic’s so when the wiring started to degrade after 5 years I went back to etymotic. Ultimate Ears also have a lifespan because as you age so does your ear cavity so you’ll need a new set of impressions taken after 5 years. Ultimate Ear do make some dual driver and triple driver sets too but they are considerably more expensive than etymotic’s.

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The thing is I’ve already got wired earphones that I’m happy with, so there would be no point in replacing them with other wired ones. I’ve faffed about with bluetooth receivers and connecting the earphones directly to the phone in the past, and I have no interest in repeating that. What I’m looking for is to cut the wires completely.

Fair enough. Worst case if I don’t get any suggestions, I’ll just order a few that look smallish on amazon and try them on, and return if none of them serve the purpose.

How is the Garmin Zumo XT.???

Worth choping a 590 in for?

Yes I’ve only had it a week and I’d never go back. The screen alone is a reason to upgrade. It’s just that good.

Does it use the same cradle as the 590 Joby?

No chance. Not even close. The new design is great for fans of 60s Mechano. I used a permanent marker to paint the screws and washers black so I don’t have silver ones staring up at me. The picture shows it with the weather cap installed. It looks fine with the device mounted but I do miss the elegance of the old cradle and cap. I’m seeing if I can get a proper cap 3D printed.