Hi all - I’m very pleased to announce that we are moving to our winter meet location.

The winter Wednesday night meets will be talking place at the Brazen Head pub in Lisson Street.,-0.16767&spn=0.004753,0.010761&t=h&iwloc=A

It’s a great pub - and those of you who’ve been to the recording of the podcast know how warm and friendly it is.

It’s just undergone a full refit and serves decent beer at a decent price - they’re also going to do us grub if we want it - good basic food like sausage chips and beans for £2 kind of thing.

They’re also allowing us to take over the pub - this includes our banenr outside, and taking over the 3 60’’ LCD screens to hook up xbox and playstation.

Security is provided right outside the pub via the cctv controlled area right out the front and the cctv controlled car park just oposite.

So… the meets will continue to be on Wednesday nights but FROM THE FIRST WEDNESDAY IN NOVEMBER we’ll be meeting at the Brazen Head.

FOR THE FIRST FEW WEEKS we will run ride-outs from Cubanna up to the Brazen - led by Charley so peeps can find it.

See you all there!


Charly’s ridig is the stuff of legend can we not restrict him to scooter use to allow us mere mortals to be able to keep up?

I think after his years of scooter riding around london as a courier we still wouldn’t stand a chance!

You think a scooter will help you? Hehehehe… An hour’s head start, perhaps… I’d like that I might have a chance of arriving at the same time.

That’s great! I like the Brazen head and the Landlady is a proper publican and really interested in making sure people have a good time. Always been looked after well there.

Food and a bar staff that don’t look down their nose at you - can it be true?

P.S It’s easy to get to from Cubana stright up the Edgware Road from Marble Arch and then Right ater the fly over…(well more or less…)

Nice one guys, cheers for organising this, sounds great

The Brazen Head is warmer, bigger and more bike-friendly, so we’re giving this a go for the winter months. No excuses not to come out now and enjoy each other’s company Good work Matt.

See you all there from November!

sounds excellent!!

It is!

does that mean we can have the tourist trophy challenge at last

ill supply the playstation and tourist trophy someone just needs to bring an extra controller

Exactly! Tourist Trophey here we come!

Looks easy enough to get to -

Cubana straight down m4

Brazen head straight down A40

Glad i live near both roads!! I think you may need a ride out from the Ace aswell!!!

Roll on Tourist trophy - I’ve been practicing on my plasma (hope that gives me a advantage)

Well done guy’s - I think Cubana was good/different/expensive but you can’t beat a good ol english pub!!!

Sounds good to me, straight down the wild western avenue and the Sea Shell just round the corner for decent fish and chips,

ahh the sea shell - yeap just around the corner - hey we can head down together from here if you like?


Even I wont mind the trip there, I know it well.

sounds good to me!!

Just a quick question… I have never to Cubana (been to the island but not the pub…), however, reading the topic that lead to this change of venue (that I very welcome as dead practical for selfish me), why if the old one is so bad and the new one so great are we entertaning the posibility of going back to give our business to Cubana when the weather turn for the beter?

Anyways, see you all there on the 1st as I will be poping in on my way back from the NEC to meat everyone so get your virtual drink now as I think I will be broke after the motorcycle show shoping sprea ;-D

he he - yes I know what you mean about the show :slight_smile:

As far as where we’ll be when the weather get’s nice… who knows! Loads of people have some great ideas for locations - we’ve gone with the Brazen for the winter - and we’ll see what the summer brings.


Typical, the new meet’s on my way home from work…but I’ve just left my job so I’m still no closer!!