Wing mirror removal.

What is your preferred method? Discuss!

Since being rewarded for my first attempt with a criminal record and a big fine I won’t bother again!:frowning:

Do tell!

I took one off by accident when a pratt in a Lexus crossed lanes and parked on my foot. After some banging on the wing and some shouting he drove off, his wing mirror caught my handlebars and was ripped off.

You could ask Curtis, he took the wing mirror off my old astra once, pulled up next to me at the traffic lights and thought it would be funny to put my mirror in, only problem being they didn’t fold in and it fell off in his hands, he ended up buying me a new one :stuck_out_tongue:

My preferred method is to nick any clown that commits criminal damage to a car !
Anyone that comes on to a public forum and starts discussing how they would commit criminal damage, or discussing that they have committed it, is either very naive or very stupid.

Might as well post a video on a media sharing web site of yourself doing silly speeds on public road… and then giving your address… :crazy:

Well, I usually just unbolt mine with an adjustable…

I’ve tried many things to improve the look of my bike, but since I removed the mirrors I haven’t looked back…

People still do this !!! It really does make me wonder why people insist on having video footage filmed from their bike showing the speedo !?!?!?!?!

Just plain bloody silly if you ask me. What does it achieve other than really making another driver very aggressive towards bikers. Hold your cool and just move on.

Someone nearly parked on my foot in Trafalgar Sq last week. I just leant into his window and said to the elderly gentlemen “Sir, I have size 14’s, I don’t need them to be bigger, so kindly refrain from parking on my foot.” He apologised, we had a quick chat and a laugh and carried on. Such is life. Make what you will of encounters, but do not blemish the name of decent bikers with cuntardly behaviour.

CHRIST!!! It was intended as a light-hearted banterous comment, which followed on from other topics of people believing their indicators gave them right of way etc (which is what happened to me this morning). For the record I didn’t do anything about it. I think I’ll keep any thoughts with even a modicum of intended humour to myself.

hehe, now, this is amusing…:w00t:

Popcorn Mel lol :w00t:


flicks the light switch on and off really fast

£5 to win on Trojan :stuck_out_tongue:

Trojan will win hands down, that Hayabusa may be ugly, but by the zoids does it but shift!!! I’d lay a £50 on Trojan!:smiley:

[Flame suit on] “silly comments will get harsh treament - like iodine” [/Flame suit off]

My money’s on Trojan too…


Now now. It’s not my intention to start a fight…

My preferred method for people who fight is to report the clowns to the police for correct and proper processing within the frame of the criminal justice system!

Anyone that comes on to a public forum and starts discussing how they encourage acts of ABH/GBH, or discussing that they have committed it, is either nery naive or very stupid.

…sorry Trojan, couldn’t resist the above.

With all sincerity, however, I didn’t mean to cause any offense and apologise if this was the case.

£10 on Trojan as well.

And no cheating, donuts laced with sedatives are unsporting. :smiley:

Welcome to LB mate.
I STILL cant get use to all the ‘ne’er do wells’ and ‘holier than thoughs…’ on this forum.

nobody ever travels at excessive speeds, wears non protective clothing or does anything that can be viewed as in bad taste or bad spirited on here.

Right i’m off Hastings… obviously in full leathers and staying on my side of the road all the way there.

dont forget to do all your pre ride checks :hehe: