Wild Wild West

Team it with a bandana and you’ll blend right in :smiley:

Jack - send a carrier pigeon if needs be!

That air show was immense.

Defiantly up for a ride later on.

I will be at the Ace from 4:30 with Pascal. Will wait around for stragglers.

I’ll be coming over :smiley: how long will you both be waiting for?

We are here now and we will wait as long as it takes :slight_smile: anyone else coming?

Back from our wild ride out. Ended up going through Arts backyard and to Finchingfields :smiley: absolutely knackered. Just the three of us (seems to be a pattern developing here) but still a lot of fun. But stupid me had just put on my new mirrored visor and didn’t bring my clear one…made for an interesting ride home :ermm:

Anyway, I don’t really take photos that often for reasons that are obvious:

I was distracted more by these than the other bikes and classic cars…

Properly enjoyed tonight’s ride.

The WWW.3 :wink:

I’m assuming this is Pascal? :smiley: My right wrist is killing from trying to keep up with you round the bends, its so hard on my poncey little 125!

It is :D. Sorry if I was a bit quick. Cant wait until you buy your Daytona and jack buys his VFR. :smiley: Are you coming to borough market tonight?


It was a shot in the dark but I guessed right :cool:

Nah you weren’t too fast, my bike was too slow! I don’t think I can make it to BM tonight, I’ve been ordained to stay in and wait for a food order and I think I need an early night since I’m still feeling pretty crappy :frowning:

Heading East into BM after work M4 or A4? Has the Hogarth roundabout/flyover work got worse yet?

Where are you going from?

I’m at Hayes.

I would take this route

Although you could do that last bit about 20 different ways.

Yes, Thats my usual- and normally drop over the river at Westminster. cheers, see you there?

Yep I’ll be there on a Duke 125 :cool: making the two minute journey from Moorgate.

Wish I could have made it to BM, I bet it was rammed.

I’ve got a really stressful day tomorrow and know I’ll need to unwind afterwards, anyone up for a ride out around or after 6ish to…well…anywhere?

So, when is the next west London adventure? We should. Arrange something in aug (bit skint at the moment)

that doesn’t clash with the midnight run that will hopefully be happening too.

any ideas / suggestions welcome…

The long, dark days before payday, huh? :crying:

Work’s sending me stupid places over the next few weeks, so unless you fancy a Wild, Wild Newmarket, Swindon or Dunstable, I’m not in London until mid August at the earliest.