Wild Wild West


So after a discussion with one other person, I’ve started a thread for those in West London to organise small, random ride outs, instead of tagging it onto other threads.

This thread isn’t to organise BIG ride outs, since we tend to make a dedicated thread for those, nor is it to ostracise any bikers not living in the west, instead it’s for last minute ride abouts starting from the west, whether it be for the same day, same hour etc.

Don’t want to add to the original post - me and crookzy are looking at possibly a ride out later this afternoon, after I’ve gotten back from Tha North! Assuming weathers ok…

Gonna head off to Finchingfield direction this afternoon with Shaunicous and Menor95. Slan may be in attendance if she is back in time and weather is ok.


My train doesn’t get in until 15.44 then it’s the sh*tty tube ride back to chiswick bleurgh :frowning:
I guess I’ll have to slap your burn later shaun haha!

I thought I saw you pull into High Beech this afternoon, curvy form on a black CBR125. Started to walk over and realised it wasn’t you, did a quick U turn and pencilled a note in my planner to make an appointment at Specsavers.

Haha, yes a trip to specsavers may be in order, I didn’t end up going out, I didn’t get in until 5.15 and I’ve got a cold :frowning: in the process of pilling up to at least suppress the symptoms. I hear the ride out was brilliant though, so really gutted about missing out!

So we decided to head West and get lost…

Went towards Ascot and ended up in a convoy of 10+ Harleys

Then accidentally became spectators of the Red Arrows in Farnborough…

Successful ride methinks.

Nice :slight_smile: really f**king jealous!

Yeah, not bad, 120 miles today? Loads of fun. Ruth you where missed

Good effort, keep the Wild West Wild.:cool:

I would be keen to join in on this, whats the plans for the next one?

If it can’t be a Wet & Wild West then a Wild Wild West has to be the next best thing :slight_smile:

The wild wild, will turn into wet and wild once our traditional English weather sets in!

If the weather stays nice today, anybody fancy an evening ride? I missed out at the weekend and its a shame to waste such good weather…

You and your subversive, divide-and-conquer, splitter suggestions! Oh, g’wan then, put my name down for the West London Massive :D.

(But please don’t tell anyone or I may lose my miserable, anti-social reputation that I’ve worked long and hard on).

I’m planning to be at the Ace tonight with Pascal (so long as he makes it this time…). With a view to head out to Finchingfield way.

Initially we were going to meet at 4:30, but if more people want to come and have work, we can put that time back I think.

Not tonight, but I’ll keep a West London eye out for possibilities in the future…

Our Massive is becoming one massive…massive…Massive :smiley:

I’ll come along, I’m gonna finish round 4.30 too, I’m riddled with germs at the moment so don’t fancy festering at work with it all. How much could you put the time back?

Any time for me, I would check with him but I work in a basement and have no signal. :crying:

While it’s highly unlikely I could ever associate myself with anything known as a “massive”, I do live in West London and would very much like to be included on any ride-outs in this area.

I suppose if pushed I could try wearing some ridiculously thick gold jewellery and a loose-fitting t-shirt, would that be enough?