why did....

why did Andrew go on the, & i quote from the title in the gallery “1st Girls Only Ride out” have you not got one? or did you tuck it between your legs?, or is it the first part of the treatment where you have too live as a female for twelve months to prove to your doctors that your serious about your change?? or is it just a weekend thing??

It seems he went as someone pulled out and he needed to fill the gap…

well so he says.

who’s gap!!

thats a lame one the ride needed a quoter??? sorry not convinced

neither am I…

He should account for this.

well im sure its one of my assumptions above but no harm in further speculation

i found the comments on the ride out pics a bit sexist? Slow this, slow that, etc

"Scarer makes a nice u-turn. No foot evident. Nice Hornet too, all metal flake paint. "

Was that remark needed?

praps we should uprise get the thread sealed, and have a men only area

My girlfriend views the site with me and found that remarks about ‘foot down’ etc made her feel ridiculed

That’s terrible…

i totally agree wig is she ok, praps she should take a few days off work it makes it worse that your GF didnt even go yet becomes an innocent victim of quite frankly unneeded comments

She would like a ‘Girls only section’ please, where she can discuss putting feet down and stopping of for shopping trips on ride outs.

None of us men are allowed as we ‘go too fast’

Hehe. You guys… if I didn’t know better I’d say you were goading me a little.

I was asked to step in to Puppy’s place yesterday. Why me and Mike were there is something only the girls can answer.

So perhaps they’ll tell you. Me? I’m just happy to meet girls.

Sexist comments? Where? I think it is you two who are assuming that putting a foot down during a tight U-turn is something that only girls do - yes?

Not I.

i can’t u-turn for shite

No goading mate, I guess we didn’t expect blokes on a girls only rideout?

They don’t need shaparones

My thoughts exactly. Why we were required is still a mystery. Perhaps they’ll enlighten us (hint)

But it beat hanging around the Ace with you ugly gits

well he does ride a girls bike wig

That’s quite enough now from both of you, Simon and Wig, go to your rooms. Making comments like that is not big and it certainly isn’t clever.

The reason Andrew and Mike joined us was because I, as the organiser of the ride-out, asked them to.

The group consisted of eight women, with mixed experience from just two weeks on a geared bike to nine years, from 1100cc bikes to 125s on L-plates. None of us has much, if any, group riding experience, and we decided to have a ladies only ride-out so we can practice this in a small group, but also in a group that will not be fuelled by testosterone.

The reason we had Mike and Andrew (who took the place of Puppy as his bike’s not roadworthy) was that (a) they are both very experienced and considerate riders who I’d trust to make sure we didn’t run into problems, (b) they have considerable experience in group riding and © unfortunately, for some drivers and riders out there, female riders are a target for intimidation. This, I’m sure you appreciate, can lead to an inexperienced rider to make a very costly mistake. Having two big guys with us gave us a feeling of more safety on the road, so we could concentrate on riding rather than trying to avoid having people driving too close to our derrieres.

As for Andrew’s comments in the picture gallery, they fit very well with the theme of the ride-out: because of our various levels of experience and bike size, we went at the speed of the slowest bike, hence at more leisurely pace, especially once we hit the horse show traffic. We ended up at Windsor, where after lunch, we walked around the town doing a spot of sightseeing and window shopping. Unfortunately, we didn’t have space in our bags for any shopping due to the raingear, so the only thing we came back with was some fudge and perfume samples.

As for Scarer not putting her foot down for her U-turn, Andrew was merely referring to a fellow rider’s ability to do so on a tight U-turn, irrespective of the rider’s sex. I wish I could do that, but I still have a long way to go before I can do any unaided U-turns, or even park my bike. I still get it valet parked, although this time, I wasn’t impressed, as the person removing it from park stalled it. Red faces all around!

Never mind all that…

would someone like to explain why you all went to Windsor and didn’t tell me??!!!

I was working and could have done with a break and some company!!

I’m hurtin’…

I feel your pain mate!

Shame, company would have been good while the girls shopped and ate.

Watch out, there’s a Paivi about.