Who has the fastest road legal bike on here?

In terms of fastest proven 1/4 mile & 14/ terminal and top speed?

Just curious to know exactly whats out there.

Thanks - Sunny.

My Mito. End of

Early this year we all got together at the Ace…

Dyno Machine on site and some of us put our bikes on there !!!

Personally…mine hit 183mph on the Clocks.

““In reality it was 171mph according to the logistics with 118bhp”” !!

2005 R6 / Recalibration and Power-Commanded with a Mid Range Mapping !!

I think it might be SamanthaZXR? It had to be a girl!!!

I think I remember Sams bike kicking severe arse on a totally different day…

It hit an awesome readout …remind me please ?

I am sure she had it tested at the Ace earlier this year, was just around the time I joined, I think it did 194 or 196 mph???

Yeah…it had to be a girl hey.

Barrow - not the dyno pal, whats the fastest proven on the tarmac dude?

She definately did…

I was home here and saw the evening post that she made the others look soppy…fair play…

Goooooo!!! Girlie !!!..

the bike is only as fast as the person riding it - and how far their willing to go with it - but anyone with a busa,zx12r etc. with mods is going to be the quickest!?! (and dyno’s mean f#*kall - their’s no wind, no tarmac/concrete/potholes/cagers/corners)

This is only my opinion seeing as i only have a slow ass 600!!!jealous - i think so???

COURSE it had to be a girl and COURSE it had to be SAMS !!! shes the dogs bollox of bikers !! That girl can ride that baby (metal), PLUS drop her baby (human), in the same damn week !!!

When i had my off, she offered to come and get me and take me for a ride !! She can ride any man to shame (and woman, even ME) and im SO jealous that i aint got longer legs (sigh) or i would be on my ol mans ZX12R as well !!! damn and blast and s-h-i-t !!!

Oh well, guess i gotta stick to my pussy blade then eh??? You go girl, fly the flag for us serious women bikers…!!!

i thought Hambley had the fastest

OR the ginge minge !!

Is this another willy waving thread?

If so i will get me coat

Sam’s bike sounds the nuts. Any pictures & specs? - Respect.

I didn’t post this thread for it to turn into willy waving thread. Just curious to know what bikes and riders we got out there. I am still new to this site and to biking, I am surprised that people haven’t organised a shoot out or something in a controlled environment such as Bruntingthorpe proving ground or Elvingdon with some proper timing gear.

Chat soon,


I’ve had an indicated 187mph out of my K5 1000, but it wasn’t the end of the show, I ran out of straight at Snetterton and got all fish-taily as I overcooked it in the braking zone 171rwbhp, was standard gearing at the time.

Wouldn’t mind a trip to France with a GPS unit some time, though my gearing is far shorter now. I remember topping the K4 750 out in France a couple of years ago, that was fast, god knows what the thou would do over that.

I have done 165 on tarmac on my urban tiger, well thats what the clocks showed anyway, I was quickly running out of road to a roundabout but still had a tiny bit left on the throttle twist.

I got a dyno picy of my unfaired hornet on a dyno, it means f*** all without wind resistance, that went off the clocks!!!

As for willy waving thread… I haven’t got one so can i shake my t*ts instead LOL

thats what i think about them dyno’s no wind resistance surely cant give a true reading
ive seen one before with a fan at the front! dont know whether its for wind resistance or to force air into the airbox probably the later!

road rage im sure your get a crowd if ya did!! lol just like your bike did in the pics

I am pleased to confirm that firestorms are not fast.

Green ninjas are though!

Sams bike was dyno at 196mph, mine has done 190 on the road two up with my other daughter elliann(kanarki)…

Ride it like you stole it.and some…

Yeah !!!