Which work sector has the most bikers??

Hey all, I thought it would be interesting to see which type of employment area has sprung the most bikers :smiley:

When I spoke to Andrew Dalton after V’s accident he asked what I did for a living and when I told him it was IT he said a big percentage of his companies clients were IT.

Does that mean there are more of us on the road or we are just unlucky riders?

None of the above, I’m in procurement :slight_smile:

dunno whether to put “legal” or “banking”?

Im in Marketing (in a v.broad sense) :stuck_out_tongue:

Where I used to work I suspected there was a high number of bikers, motor cycle despatch :smiley:

And there was me thinking you were in odd photos on the internet.

Me thinks it’s time to make a sharp exit.:Whistling:

There do seem to be a hell of a lot of bikers in the Motor trade ie car sales ?

Generally only " weekend warriors " though

Thought you worked in the oil and gas industry?

There’s no section for Ice cream man:D

I work in Government, currently protecting pensions meaning I would have to tick legal, accountancy, insurance, banking, media and other!

There are alot of us in the Fire Brigade but, lets face it, Punk has us all beaten!:w00t:

I voted labour but i`m skilled labour is that what you ment.

And a job is…?

I’m an IT bod… but used to be an engineer…

You’re right about Fireman/women having a lot of bikers, as back in that day a good number used to turn up on circuit moonlighting. They used make good couriers too, but I did feel sad that they were never paid enough and had to resort to another dangerous job just to make ends meet.

As for the IT industry, seems to be infested with Goths, but none of the ones I know have bikes. Perhaps I only meet the IT people from the lower end of the pay scale, and they all aspire to own a bike.

I think there’s a good few bikers in the armed forces though.

Thing is, this is a website and the chances are that you’re more likely to have IT bikers on here 'cos you’re already preaching to the converted when signing them up. :slight_smile:

The technophobes aren’t gonna bother, are they? I know there’s lots of peeps in between, though.

Great thread! :slight_smile:

I’m a journalist - there are loads of bikers at one of the publishing companies I work at.

EMAP? :wink: lol

I am, I work in procurement in the Oil and Gas industry, companies I work for are Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Management (EPCM for short) companies, you asked so I bored you, lol :stuck_out_tongue: