Which work sector has the most bikers??


I wish - I’d love to work there!

i work for eurostar engineering dept,we have shed loads here … they used to advertise in mcn but stopped now as it costs em a fortune in sickness cos a rider has had an accident on the way to work…

Likewise, loads of coppers are bikers.

When you say labour do you mean construction only i’m a teacher in the construction industry

I did a Bike Safe day down at the Warren last may (get the insurance down a bit) and i must say, the lads taking the course were unbelievable riders i was very very impressed, those lads can ride!

I work for a homeless charity in Trafalgar Square.:smiley:

What the f**k is labour ? does that mean everyone who doesnt work in an office is a labourer ?

No mention of construction? One of the biggest employment sections in the country.

One of my sites has a roughly equal number of bikes to cars/vans in the car park.

  • 5150 You should give Mark Twain a credit for that.*

surely the most common is pizza/takeaway delivery?

Yup, your right. But they, mostly, don’t own their bikes.

Going by my local area, they’re just kids with a CBT and a twist and go provided by the business. Don’t think they count.

(Well, those round here can’t. On a good day they can remember their name, but count…)

GO ACCOUNTANCY! WOO! Yeah - in your face everyone else. Accountants, accountants. Wooooohooooo!!!

Oh. There’s only 4 of us.

i like to think i may a small dent in the scrotes on the street,

I had to vote “other” as I am The Government and do none of the other things. (And I’m not telling you what I do, except use taxpayers money to browse web forums :stuck_out_tongue: )

could be any form of governement job then really, :):):wink:

PMSL :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: 7 departments so far, and still 15yrs before the pension. I’ve done most things a civil servant could do, and been to a few, erm, unusual places. :wink:

This poll is flawed - there is no option for mad scientist/evil genius so I had to choose “other”.

Er… this ^^ actually.

in that case the pair of you, being The Government, best get over to the section on parking fees for bikes and get on to changing it please!!!

Give me a couple of hours, I’ll see what i can do.

i work as a mortgage broker in a bank but soon to be owned by the goverment…who knows i may get to keep my job,