Which security chain?


Well I just locked up the bike. What a mission. It took ages this time but no doubt I’ll get faster with some practice. So some things to note.

If you fancy this chain and you measure the length you think you need add about 1/3 more because the chain doesn’t flex very much at all.

If you lock the front wheel you need to do some key hole surgery because the links are so thick they barely fit between the disc and the rim.

It doesn’t fit through the locking loops on an Oxford Stormex cover. It’s too large.

So still a great chain but there is a learning curve. And I really miss that link I destroyed in the name of research now.



This was the result of the Oxford Boss 12mm test. I wouldn’t use it to lock a fancy bicycle.



It’s not entirely surprising that an angle grinder can cut a 12mm chain in couple of minutes is it?

I wouldn’t lock a fancy bicycle up outside in london at all but I would be even less likely to cycle around with 20kg of chain in my rucksack - that’s about 3 times the weight of my fancy bicycle.

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As Joby states in his video, it takes him only two minutes to cut the chain in ideal conditions, that being a vice secured to a work bench. I reckon it would take double the time if it was dangling from a bike touching the kerb.

I remember a documentary years ago on television, where a police officer that specialised in vehicle crime said, and I’m paraphrasing here, “If it’s a professional thief, and he wants a particular car/bike, then he will steal it”. So if I can get the thief to recognise that my bike has an Almax chain, and the other similar bike near mine has only a silly little Oxford or Datatool chain, then he’s less likely to invest the extra time and effort to steal my toy.



Tell us more TimR



I know nothing more am not a user only know of others who have purchased but not had to test them