Which security chain?

With the scrote element’s preferred tool of choice the cordless angle grinder it begs the question. What is better? One almighty security chain like the top Almax 1KG per link one or several cheaper chains so the scrotes have to grind though 3 or 4?

I think the bolt cropper days are long gone. Why would you want to carry those around on a stolen scooter when an angle grinder fits under the seat.

If someone has a portable angle grinder and wants to do a field test for YouTube I’d happily sacrifice a few links.

Don’t believe the bolt cropper days are gone… That’s what they used to chop chains of my mechanics bikes in his (triple padlocked) garage in the middle of nowhere about 18months or so ago. They couldn’t use angle grinder as someone on the farm would have heard them. They’ll use whatever suits.

But I agree, more (biggish) chains/ disclocks is better than one big one.

Having said that, if it gets to the point on taking 20mins just to lock up, I’d either give it up or buy a less nickable bike… Otherwise loses the fun of owning a bike if every time you need over half an hour before.you even jump on it.

So this is starting to look more interesting. This test was on a 19mm. The largest currently is 22mm.

All very good but is the lock going to be as strong as they’ll just attack that instead

An Almax and a Squire lock was the only thing that meant I got to keep my Aprilia one night. They angle grinded the hell out of it, and would have got it given enough time, but the amount of energy, noise and time it took to get as far through it as they did meant that they got chased off by neighbours.

No security is perfect, but when applied in depth and with appropriate counter measures (neighbours, Police, etc), it can often make the difference.


I park up with an Almax 19mm and two disc locks (one alarmed).
I know they could just cut the disc, but its all about the time element.

I’m a big fan of Almax security chains, having five of them. I use the smaller ones, 13mm and 16mm when I go abroad, and the bigger ones at home.
Check out the videos on http://www.almax-security-chains.co.uk/ of them cropping through other chains, and you’ll soon decide that Almax chains are the best to buy. Call Alex on 0191 264 2773 tell him your needs and he’ll guide you through to which chain and padlock is best for you. He won’t try and sell you more than you need. when I was originally buying Almax chains in 2004 I wanted two padlocks, which he could have sold me, but he talked me out of it, explaining why several Almax chains can be secured with only one padlock.

You carry chains with you when you go abroad???:thinking:

I did when I did Germany/France a couple of years ago… “on a biking holiday”… would not be much fun if your bike got knicked… but saying that, if they REALLY want it, they will take it… but then my bike was 3 months old :slight_smile:

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Yeah but I used to carry mine on my commute and found it annoying… Abroad and with an almax sounds like hell…

Have done. Didn’t last time, but did book at hotels that had secure parking.

Just ordered the Almax Immobiliser Series V EXTREME 22mm + Squire SS80CS Stronghold Lock. I ordered the 2.1m one as it has to go round a big lamp post. I’ll look to post a review when it arrives (if I can lift it). As I’m trying to get my YouTube stuff going again. Best way seems to be film almost everything.

It’s not cheap but hopefully will give me some piece of mind.

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Good choice. Remember, security in depth… include a disc lock and a cover!

Maybe also a second chain and perhaps a Rottweiler if you have one spare.

and a gunman to stand guard…

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Do you get arrested for using stun grenades like these ones?

Over 2 metres of 22mm chain. I curious to know if you are strong enough to lift it :slight_smile:

Good luck with it.

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You carry chains with you when you go abroad???:thinking:

Most certainly! I use the Kriega US10 tail pack for the 2m 16mm chain and padlock. Sometimes I take both the 2m & the 1.5m 16mm chains, other times I take the 13mm chains.

20kg for the 2.1m one apparently. It’ll be a bit of an effort.

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i have two 19mm almaxs 1 @1.5m & 1 @ 1m they can bew joined by 1 padlock.
I can safely say i dont carry both they are heavy & a real pain to attached to a bike
if i need to bring a chain into london its the 1.5m