Which replacement bike?

It won’t be straight away as there’s no point in buying a bike in the middle of winter, but I’m thinking about what’s going to be my steed for the summer! With the mighty gixxer thou’ unceremoniously taken from my possession by societies true scum recently, I’m left thinking about what I’d like next.

The thou was incredible, and customised nearly to the point where I wanted it. It wouldn’t have been far off BSB spec by the summer, though if it had a weakness, it was it’s size. Whilst small for a thou, it was still a big bike, and I’ve had a 400, 600 and two 750’s before. I remember exactly how easy it was to throw around the road and track, bringing big grins and longer tyre life.

I’m thinking about one of three bikes for the new ride.

Suzuki GSX-R 750 K8

I’ve got a great love for this marque. Great discounts on these due to recession and pre-reg outgoing model. I know it’s going to handle like a dream and be a dead cert. Downside is I’ll probably end up customising it a lot like my last Suzuki’s to get it to how I want it. Still a lot cheaper than other options at about £7k.

I’ve owned two before (2000 & 2004 models) and loved every minute I’ve spent on them. You can scream the tits off them and they go like stink. If I red-lined my thou for more than a blink of an eye, I was in prison-sentence territory.

Yamaha R1 2009

Cross-plane firing order engine - aka Rossi MotoGP style. Hubba hubba! It sounds amazing and Yamaha won’t have made such a change unless they were absolutely sure they could retain their race-winning results in BSB/WSB, so you know it’s going to be golden. Downside - looks are a little funny, but who cares how it looks when your eyes are pinned to the next apex? Same issue with customising parts though. Cost is going to be about £10k.

Aprilia RSV-4

Too god-damned sexy. Aprilia’s take on a MotoGP bike for winning WSB races. V-Four 1000cc engine, full race quality components. Looks incredible, sounds even better. Totally new bike so untested and performance not assured. Biaggi who’s racing it in WSB has said the engine needs work. It comes with all the trick bits you could want, apart from a full-system race exhaust to let the engine sing. Will cost about £14-15k. V4 engine format is what I started out on with my Honda VFR400 and I loved that. Would be nice to change from an inline-four engine IF it went well. The bike will handle like a dream, this much is given, but the engine? First generation, in-house design. Not so sure, would hate to end up with 750 type performance when spending that sort of money.

I’ve discounted a new GSX-R 1000 K9. Whilst it looks okay, Suzuki have brought absolutely nothing new to the table technically and I’m dissapointed they haven’t had the balls to update the bike to meet market demand, considering Yamaha, Ducati and Aprilia are shaking things up. I’ve discounted the Ducati 1198 as well as I’ve ridden 1098’s before and whilst they’re awesome, the V-Twin engine just isn’t for me. I need more scream and revs.

So what one would you go for?

At this point, the 750 looks the best bet as it’s half the price of the Aprilia, a third less than the R1 and would ultimately give the same buzz as the others, it’s just that with new engine formats from Yamaha and Aprilia, they look bloody interesting :slight_smile:

Suzuki - Yep, great bike and cheap at the minute…I’ve seen used 2 year old models for under 4.5k. Great…But it’ll be predictable as you’ve owned before and maybe it’s time to try a different marque (hell if I can so can you) :smiley:

Yamaha - Great technology…Should handle fantastic…Great build quality…It’s gonna be over 10k apparently, but I can see Yamaha offering finance offers on it in this climate. Take a test ride and see.

Aprilia - Despite the fact it’s gonna be an amazing bike, I think it’s too expensive for what it will offer performance wise. It’ll be ridiculously expensive to insure no doubt too.

So Yamaha 1st - Suzuki 2nd and Aprilia 3rd.

Me, I’m gonna buy something else :smiley:

EDIT: I’ve just read what you wrote :laugh: (I’ve repeated much of what you’ve written). Still, my conclusion is different.

jay… jay…

you know im bias but iv been thinking of what to get after my mishap on the 750…

id like a different bike just for a change of look and bling…

if ridden a few for test…

im going to keep my 750 if the insurers will let me, or get another one…

its just to much fun.

get the 750 and a spend the rest on the DRZ or get a KTM for round town.

here you go jay…



loaded k8 750 3500 miles for 5500

i just picked up this yesterday.

brand new. good time to buy an 08. they’re giving them away.

i wanted the 09 but i couldnt get insured on a 10k bike. but tbh coming from haing a 99 R1 im already blown away buy the change in technology :w00t:

my thoughts… go with the 750. i think it offers the best all round value, interms of price, reliability, and fun factor. its easier than the others to get max mods. the only thing that you would need if you had it long eough is a qualiity paint job, the suzi paint is almost see thru. i am seriously considering one myself but a k6

I’d go for the R1. Looks like one hell of a bike and I think the new styling is cool.

The V4 looks nice but I haven’t seen the build quality in person so couldn’t say.

Thanks guys.

Afro, what are you getting???

Adz, that bike is a steal, though with 0% apr deals around now on new models, it makes sense to get a new one on finance and keep the cash-flow going for trips, trackdays and mods.

I’m leaning more towards the 750 now to be reasonable. I think with the economy the way it is and considering this is the second bike that’s gone missing now, it doesn’t make much sense to spend big money again, as much as I would love to the sheer grunt of a thou, whether it’s a Long-Bang or V4 engine. Ultimately I’ll get the same buzz from the bike. They all the same speed virtually (for my skill level) anyhow.

Whatever you decide to get Jay, remember to budget in a spare set of rims for them wets mate;)

Now that’s golden advice, thanks mate! :slight_smile: Hell, I might even be able to get my car license endorsement and get something to tow the gixxer at this rate.

I’ve just got some insurance quotes for a 750 and it’s all bloody reasonable! What’s going on! Am I really getting old at 29?? 4 years NCB helps I guess.

It’ll come down to insurance for me I think.

New 1000RR = Over £500
08 R1 = Just over £400
Gixxer 750 = Under £300

Let’s all get 750’s! Perhaps we can talk Suzuki into a group-buy, hehe :slight_smile:

I’ve just been doing some ringing around and the best price is £6999 so far. I don’t think that can be beaten as it’s below trade price apparently.

Two dealers didn’t even answer the phone and one well-known London dealer who gets a lot of bad press was very cold and had only bad things to say about other dealers with lower prices. No surprise there then.

I can’t offer much advise on sports bikes really but personally don’t see the benefit of spending twice the money of the gixxer. If you spent the ‘saved’ £7k on track days, tyres and training you’d have something much more bling - skill. Also riding something cheaper you’ll worry less about binning it or getting nicked.

I wouldn’t fancy a £15k bike without a fortress to keep it safe :w00t:

£6999 for a K8 ? Thats silly money:D

Are they doing 0% finance or any other incentives with such a low screen price Jay?

It’s hardly surprising the dealers are slating eachother, this year will obviously be a fight for survival for them all.

Solamanda, fair point to a degree, though there’s no real-world difference in terms of theft between a £2k bike and a £20k one, they’re both work nicking to a thief and both as easy to steal. It’s a sad fact that it doesn’t matter what bike you have, it’s still desirable to thieves. We’ve had a few members with low value bikes being taken at the same time as high-value ones.

From a personal perspective, I would ride the Aprilia as hard as the Suzuki, though for sure, crashing a £7k bike would be preferable to a £15k one! Though by the time I’ve modified the 750 to how I like them, it would still hurt the wallet. Touch wood, I don’t intend on stacking any bikes.

Chunks, I’ve just spoken to another dealer who confirmed the trade price and the £6999 is below that, so this dealer in question will be making a loss. I hear they’re stopping their Suzuki aspect, so I guess they’re just getting rid of stock.

£6999 would not be with 0% APR. I thought it was, but that’s only with the 1000 which are going for £7600 on 0% as that’s subsidised by Suzuki themselves. You would need regular Black Horse finance on a £6999 750, which with a £500 deposit is a still a blinding deal.

ohh yeah you know its the way!!

zeven five zerooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo… :stuck_out_tongue:

Trust me mate, I’d need a stab-proof vest if I got another one;):D:D:D

Those are some fantastic prices there…Hmmm

I have seen a 400 mile 1000RR for 5500 though.

Hmmm :wink:

Personally, I would go for a pre registered 2008 R1 for around £7K, its much better value than the 09.

Georgeous! Great point made! They need to get rid of all them 08 R1s. Time to go down the shop have a look I think.