Which one would you get?

Which would you recommend, cbr600rr 2004 or a cbr900rr 2000/01?

I like them both, have a slight preference for the 600, but haven’t ridden the 900 yet.

Just can’t make my mind up.

600 everytime for me

I love the Blade but can’t wait to get back to a 600 much more involving to ride.


600rr dude :slight_smile:



i’d love a Fireblade - but does anyone know how much it costs to have yer legs shortened by 6 inches!!

  1. :smiley:

600 everytime

900 :cool:


what do you ride now/have you ridden

where you gonna ride it?

It started to look as thought the blade wasn’t gonna get any votes. But just like any election to can’t right anyone of too soon.

I owned an sv650s for about 5 years and have ridden several other bikes (mostly test rides) from zx6r to the b-king.

Most of my riding will be commuting but I want something fun and it’s not a very long commute.

If it was me then I’d get an ER5 or CB500 to commute on and leave parked all over the place in all weathers and a ZX6R for a bit of fun.

i’d prob go with the 600. still a big step in power from the sv. likely to be more fun in town, more reason to actually change gear when commuting, chance to actually twist the throttle a bit before you’re way over legal speeds.

Don’t have the funds for 2 bikes so want to get something fun. I like the zx6r but the cbr is still the best 600 sport imo.

I think you’re right johnnybravo, the cbr600rr is going to be the best bike for me.

Thanks everyone. Will let you know when I get one. Watch this space…

Sounds like you’ve made up your mind but incase you haven’t;

the 600rr everytime!!!

The 900 is more dated, fat, ugly, and lazy - if this was between two women there’d be no contest would there!

I’m not saying that the blade is a bad bike, just that between these 2 the 600rr is better. I agree with JB on the fun factor and if it’s only a short commute then you’ll definitely appreciate the superior handling on the smaller bike over the extra grunt of the bigger one.

Good luck with the buy; PS I’ve yesterday seen an immaculate black 600 on ebay with a ridiculously low mileage, either 03 or 04. Worth a look :wink:

Thanks TomV, yeah I think I have made up my mind and the 600rr is the bike for me. I’m gonna look on ebay now.

Good to hear. If you ever wanna chat about the bike feel free to PM me.

The link to the one I saw on ebay is here


And this is one to definitely not go for!!!


There are loads on ebay so you can afford to be pretty fussy. For an idea on value I picked up an 03 plate with less than 4k on the clock, totally stock for £3700 last Sep.

Also give biketrader a look

Got to be 600rr, had one for 3 years, great bike, nibble, turns in easy, looks great!:):stuck_out_tongue:

If you can get an 2005-2006 model it has upside down forks.!!:smiley: