whey protein - which one?

running low on my tub and need to get some more. at the moment i have Reflex Instant Whey.

what would you recommend

btw im following Poliquins German Body Composition training

To be honest I don’t know jack **** about whey protein :smiley: Alex Gold is probably the expert on this stuff - but I work out and recognise the importance of protein in a training programme - I use OneOn basic whey protein (they do other types for specific results) - a couple of scoops a day does turn into decent muscle if you do gym/running etc.


looking at myprotein at the moment.

myprotein is a good option Pan. allegedly their manufacturing process (membrane filtration etc) is a better method than the heat based ones that other manufacturers utilise.

also a lot of the price of other big name protein powders can end up being sugar, flavouring and other cheap to include ‘useful’ additives.

the unflavoured isn’t the nicest thing to drink however, so you may need to sweeten with some honey etc.

tbh tho as its a supplement as part of a bigger diet, the difference other than price is probably not that great for most people’s training needs.

often the issue is more which are palatable so that you actually use them! have tried some horrific tasting ones in the past, and the tubs end up thrown away half full.

yeah MP looks the best and ive been told good things about them. I agree that as this is a supplement, so I do have my diet sorted out - with one ‘reward’ day :wink:

Yep its good stuff, ive got the mint choc flavour and i really like it.

this one is fairly good
Optimum 100% Whey Protein

that’s if you would like to find your exact protein

and if you would like to know anything about protein that’s the place to find out.


Maybe my diets not right, but I found I get much better results with something more like weight gain, rather than just protien.

Think reflex do one thats not full on weight gain, but more than just protein.

Stick with Instant Whey IMO, better quality and decent flavours. If you’re using enough that the saving from getting a ‘cheap’ one is noticeable, sort your diet out :wink:

you mean **reflex ** instant whey?

Yes, the one you said at the start :smiley:

must say its the 3rd tub ive gone through and it does taste good… but MP is like £10 cheaper… and if its as good dont really care about the taste

Main difference is Reflex put digestive enzymes in, which saves the room-clearing gas of the MP stuff…if you fancy having a super-power, get the MP!

i work in an open plan office… :ermm:

pitoguros power… :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

i’m pretty sure MP do one with the enzymes in also

True Whey:


Amusingly the one that appears to be missing them is the ‘IMPACT’ Whey. Does what it says on the tin in that case :wink:

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Whey Protein??

Why not go for egg protein?!!

Use this site for all the good stuff!