where do u keep your mobile phones on wet days?

after my recent water damaged phone incident, i really want to try and prevent it happening again.

So where do you guys keep your phones?

and i dont wana hear anyone say how amazing their jacket is that dont let rain in. Other day was torrential rain, and most of us where soaked through regardless what we were wearing!

i noticed on ebay some army issue snap close sealed bags, are these completely watertight?

I use a sealable sandwich bag from sainsburys, never had a problem

after hearing your plight steve, think I might put one of those resealable sarny bags under seat just in case, should do the trick. Just normally keep it in inside pocket

my jacket is amazing. My phone was fine that day :stuck_out_tongue:

Great jacket which keeps it dry ;o)
But for insurance I shove it in a ziplock bag

Resealable sandwich bag is the way to go :slight_smile:

Mine just gets put in a pocket in my rucksack with my wallet etc - been in some terrible rain and its always been fine, sometimes damp but its not a touchscreen phone or anything, like the others have said sandwich bag will see you good :slight_smile:

how does this protect you if you were to fall off of your bike then? And how do you breath when you seal it?How do you get big enoug ones to fit in?there are so many questions I want to ask

in a bag under my seat…

after remembering what was said on my bikesafe i TRY not to carry anything in any of my pockets.

Definitely nothing hard or breakable anyway.

I know that you’re not to have things in your pockets - never used to when I started riding, especially when I had a spill after about a week on the roads in the UK! (Damn those white vans and their lack of right turn indicators!)
But as time went on gradually things started to migrate towards the pockets whenever I’m traveling light - otherwise all is in the tank-bag… Hmmm, will make the effort to avoid this again!
…try and learn without having to be taught a lesson…:wink:

As for phones - sealable sandwich bag gets my vote too…

i’m terrible for this, house keys, phone etc… all in my pockets, they are going to hurt if i have a spill

looking to get one of those small tank bags to carry phone/GPS and keys, just got to get used to taking the bag with me !!

Had a crash at forty with a huge phone in my pocket, last year. Touch screen, full keyboard Blackberry-esque jobbie. I was fine, but the phone was completely totalled. Didn’t hurt me when I landed on it, though!

In the topbox long with the puncture repair kit, cargo net, 2 pairs of bungees, pacsafe helmet bag, lunch bag, work bag gym bag, kitchen sink… :smiley:

You can get the small re-sealable bags online, in most Army surplus stores and camping shops… :smiley:

Or, you could use a sandwich bag! :w00t:

You could put it in one of Smiled’s condoms, along with your rucksack and lid;):D:D:D

Me? I leave it in the car when its raining;):cool:

Steve, you could look at the Kreiga 10 litre packs which just strap to the seat:


I use a sealable sandwich bag from sainsburys, never had a problem


i use one of those to transport my titanic almax chain around town, very strong

Leave it at home steve… Like who’s gonna call you anyway?;):smiley:

If you buy the Almax chain, lock and ground anchor combined - Almax are giving one of these away free at the moment…:smiley: